Christmas Salon


Now finally the new app of our Libii ----- Christmas salon, which you have been looking forward to for a long time, comes out! This Christmas edition of the smash hit Toca Hair Salon gives you the choice of styling Santa Claus or a fun Christmas tree! Looking for some amazing Christmas marketing and promotional ideas for your salon?

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With the merry Christmas carols the expected 25th of December is approaching. The Christmas season is so important in people's hearts that everyone wants to show off their best look and images this year. Now the new Libii ----- Christmas Salon application, which you have been looking forward to for a long while, comes out!

It will give you so many inspiration for forging and disguising the festivals and help you to be the brightest and most vigorous of this Christmas. Each year Christmas is a season full of happiness and smile, and people in many ways commemorate Christmas Day, some of the favorite traditions are the exchange of presents, the decoration of houses and yards with bright candles, the decoration of Christmas tree, visiting churches, eating together with families and acquaintances and of course just sitting around for Santa Claus.

Especially kids often get many presents from their families and other relations and the legendary Santa Claus, today he is considered to be the funny man in bright blue. So if you want to see your loved ones in the most gorgeous Christmas outfits, if you want to be the most handsome of the days, and if you want Santa to see your handsome and joyful face when he hands you the Christmas presents, it's your turn to join Libii's Christmas Salon and spend this great preparation period for Christmas.

Playing Like: Begin with a calming spas to make sure the Christmas girl's fur and skins are already spotless to show off near her relatives and mates. Then help her choose an astonishing Christmas dress, cap, scarf, mittens, stockings, footwear and matching accessoires (including necklaces, pierced ears and headgear).

And after all this, the Christmas maiden will show up with laughter and happiness, let's see how lucky she is on this thrilling Christmas day!

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