Christmas Sweeper


Join in the celebration of Christmas with this Christmas game of jewellery. The game has fantastic Christmas music (listen to the famous song). Do you need a little Christmas spirit? Check out our website to play Christmas Sweeper or other great mind games!

Christmas sweeper 3 in the App Store

Chrismas is back! Join this Christmas pack of over 1500 level match-3 action games packed with new and exciting quests! You will be busy with Christmas Sweeper 3 long after Christmas! Keep playing as long as you want. Enjoy this long evening long enough for the snow!

Trade, draw and brush the sweet Christmas items, such as the Christmas trees, the Christmas cap, Christmas balls and Christmas bell, Lebkuchenmann and Eiskristalle. Load them up and battle them on the ladders and levels maps! Whether you like vacation thematic matching 3-puzzle gaming, click and click, swing and match, or any kind of Casual matching 3-puzzle gaming, Christmas Sweeper 3 is just the thing for you!

Join 40 new games and gather gems in the Golden Pot! I have been a Christmas Sweeper player for years and this is the first occasion I have been forced to post a poor Review. I am at 1231 of Christmas Sweeper 3 and am so confused that I just had to get it out.

If I need a few moments for myself, I like to gamble this little sport to help me unwind. I' m gonna be playing one stage for whole day until I get to the stage. Not sure if it wasn't there or if I just forgot, but it did happen on the last 20 or so stages that I know of.

It doesn't bother me that you make it difficult to gain a certain skill but for me it's fraud. Now I know it's a computer program, but it was incorporated into the program and again it's a scam. If I' m clearly going to gain a certain amount of money, but you just wrapped the match up a single pad to keep me from going, it's fraud.

Can' believe you have to betray to make a living playing this one. It may be a mistake in the gameplay, definitely not deliberate behavior. There is a contact pushbutton on the settings page inside the casino gameplay. In this way, our technical staff can examine the issue and see if the match has recorded any bugs for you.

I had a higher initial score for this match. I' ve made it well over 700, so I felt like I got my two bucks that I mainly spent on getting rid of the pesky advertisements. The higher you go, the more you will be remembered that this is a greedily operated play even at regular levels.

I' ve been playing some stages 20 to 30 different ways and then wondrously completed the stage with the rest of the turns. You will not be rewarded for finishing any of the other stages except the next one. However, this had to be far too disappointing, so it was erased.

And if you like to play really sophisticated matches, this will work for you. However, I don't like an extrem challange, I like a sport that's an easy challange but still a lot of enjoyable. Some are even simpler in the much higher stages, so it gets three star, as it took much longer than most match-three matches.

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