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Microsoft Christmas Motif. Christmas design desktop theme. Get the perfect Christmas pictures.

Nice Windows 7 Christmas themes, wallpapers, other free wallpapers to download

Are you looking for a Christmas theme for your Windows 7? You've come to the right place! Two evergreen theme packages for Windows 7 have been published by Microsoft to decorate your Windows desktop year after year and help you customise Windows. And the first is Decking the Hall theme for Windows 7.

Don't miss to embellish your computer with colourful decorations, golden ribbons and lights for this joyful season by download this free Christmas Windows 7 theme for your desk. Download this 9.39MB file for 12 great background images with all the decorations, golden band, candlestick and more you need to brighten up your Christmas hall.

And the other Windows 7 Christmas theme is decoration of the trees. Seasonal decorations that add a touch of festivity to the woods and gardens and lighten the trees' white gowns of frost and frost. You can download this free Windows 7 theme to dress up your desktops for the upcoming seasons. Download this 8.54 MB file with 9 high-resolution background images representing all the colorful pieces of jewelry you use to decorate your Christmas trees.

You can find the wallpaper in this directory if you just want to use it: For Windows 8/8.1 fans, here are more great Christmas themes for Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. Windows 10 user can see this article - Windows 10 Christmas themes, background pictures, tree, screensaver, snow and more.

Windows 7 theme, snow -covered screen saver, cursorset and background images. As with all theme packages, these can only be used on Windows 7 Ultimate, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprisee Edition, but you can pull the background images if you like them and use them on your Desktop. Click here if you want to find out how to create a Windows 7 theme pack.

Click here to find out how to display background images in the previews before you download Windows 7 theme packages from Microsoft. If you want to see your artwork on such a theme, you can now send your artwork, photos and creative work to Windows Personalization Gallery.

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