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Wear your PC with these free Windows Christmas themes. Window 7 Themes - Christmas themes for Windows[Holiday themes]. Chrismas has arisen from the "Mass of Christ". In general, the feast is celebrated on 25 December to mark the birthday of Jesus, the main character of Christianity. Chrismas is well known and is widely accepted for its beloved festive traditions, Christmas songs, greetings postcards, religious festivals, seasonal specialties and the lovely presentation of various decorative items such as Christmas tree, Christmas light, garland, thistle, cribs and hollies.

Father Christmas is perhaps the most famous character to have dedicated himself to Christmas legend and the gift giving traditions. Add your Christmas colours and festivities to your desktops with our Christmas Windows 7 themes. More than 20 gorgeous Hi-Res backgrounds, customized symbols and sound themes make up the themes to get the Christmas spirit right to your desktops.

Happy Christmas to you! Screen shots for Windows 7 Christmas theme: User-defined symbols and sound for the Christmas topic Windows 7: An attractive subject like this needs lovely symbols and sound to complement it. We have also added some really pretty symbols to this topic. Some of the sound is taken from some of the lovely Christmas carols and I'm sure you'll want to use this topic throughout the year.

You can download Christmas Windows 7 Theme: There is a download page for this topic. Also you can see several other themes in our Windows 7 themes gallery. You can download the Christmas motif from Windows 7. Take a look at our Christmas motifs for Google Chrome. A few funny facts & interesting facts about Christmas and Christmas trees:

The National Christmas Tree Association reports that Americans buy 37.1 million genuine Christmas tree pieces each year, 25 per cent of which come from the country's 5,000 selection and pruning holdings. In Alabama, Christmas was the first state to be recognized as an officially recognized public Christmas day. Oklahoma was the last US state to be declared a public Christmas in 1907.

Xmas christmas tree is eatable. Over the Christmas period, Visa alone uses over 5000 Visa debit and credit card transactions per min. on Christmas time.

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