Christmas Tracker

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See Santa Claus and his reindeer hand out gifts on Christmas Eve Santa Snooper! Return every day to see Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Snooper!

2018 Santa Tracker! Where' s Santa Claus & see what he does!

Has anyone said, "Where's Santa Claus?" If you really wanted to find Santa Claus... you've come to the right place! So, where's Santa Claus right now? Santa is currently at the Nawdy N' Nice Elf Detective Agency at the North Pole. What's Santa doing right now?

Father Christmas watches who is bad in his magical snow globe and who is cute! You can tweet where Santa Claus is! Join us in a few moments to see what Santa will do next and where he is! Click here to see the Santa's Christmas Eve Santa Snooper immediately!

Be a Santa tracker every single Santa every single year, right here! Return to Christmas Eve & EVERY ONE MEETING to see Santa Claus and his caribou LIFE at Santa Snooper! Elf Control can also help you follow Santa on his famed flights, speak to him and email him!

An old elf will answer your question about the persecution of Santa Claus: Where is Santa Claus right now in the whole you? Didn't you see where Santa is in the picture right above me? Whoever shows Santa Claus is at the North Pole right now. Where' s Santa Claus on the card now?

Father Christmas isn't on a card. He' s on the ground at the North Pole! I' d tell you Santa is at the North Pole, but now I wonder if Bruce the Shark was ever at the North Pole! Well, what's Santa's current adress? He' s at the North Pole right now.

But yeah, I think his location is always the North Pole! I' m trying to find Santa Claus. I' d tell you Santa Claus is at the North Pole, but now I laugh too much! Where' s Santa Claus? Where' s Santa Claus right now? Well, right now Santa Claus is next to a... no, he's changed.

Can' tell you where Santa is right now if he won't stop it! NORAD Santa Tracker? How come NORAD never wants to follow me? Of course there is a NORAD Santa Tracker for children, but is there also a NORAD Santa Tracker for fairies? I' m just happy they don't follow Santa every single second of every single week of the year!

Well, what's Santa doing right now? Santa Claus is not doing anything right now, but it would be strange if he were following himself on the Santa Tracker! You made me so grouchy that I think I'll just go and see Santa where he is now, at the North Pole.

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