Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper

Live Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Set your phone in a festive mode and celebrate your Christmas season. If you cannot scroll the background, please read the "Note" section below. Explore the Christmas tree in Snow Living Wallpaper. Make your browser page come alive. Genuine living Christmas tree in snow background and others!

Live Christmas Tree Wallpaper

Set your mobile handset in a celebratory mood and party your Christmas time. The Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is the only fully customized Android Free Live wallpaper that doesn't cost you to purchase a commercial copy to activate it. Come and enjoy and EXPERIENCE CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR at 1473labs !!!!!!!!!

When you like this live wallpaper, please help the developers and donate by buying the payable Christmas MyTree LiveWallpaper with which you yourself make your individual, custom and singular Christmas MyTree Live wallpaper!

Christmastree Live Wallpaper Best of Best

If you cannot browse the wallpaper, please read the "Note" section below. Xmas Tree Live Wallpaper, now with 14 great snow-covered Xmas Tree wallpapers behind you, you can get these great live wall papers on your amazing snow-covered wallpaper machine. Christmas tree is a tree that has been decoratively tree, usually an evergreen coniferous tree such as Norway spruce, Scots pinewood or Christmas tree associated with the Christmas celebrations.

Trees are lit by Christmas lamps or candleholders and a multitude of decorative decorations such as garlands, lametta and sweets. You could place an angelic or stellar on top of the tree to depict the Gabriel angels or the Bethlehem stars from birth. - 14 Christmas tree background can be changed in "Settings" - Adjustable: Number of elements, Activate/deactivate elements, Activate/deactivate interactivity, speed, frame rates and direction in "Settings".

Specification of products

Coole Christmas tree live wallpaper with 14 cute and changeable christmas tree backgrounds, you get these nice and stylish Christmas tree live wallpapers on your amazing christmas tree wallpaper machine. Celebrate your Christmas and Christmas seasons with these great live wallpaper applications. These Christmas tree live wallpaper applications have been optimised to consume as little electricity as possible.

  • From the @home, hit the menue button and browse to "wallpaper"-"live wallpaper" and browse to the one you want to use. - Keep the button pressed and click on "Set background image..." - Click on "Live background" and click on the one you want to use. - After you have gone home, hit the Menus button, go to "Wallpaper" - "Live Background" and then go to "Configuration" or "Settings".
  • Please modify the wallpaper here in the preferences.

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