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It' s only a few Christmases away, and there are some really cute little applications to help you prepare your mobile for the holiday time. Many wallpaper applications are available in the Google Play Store, but here are the best for Christmas.

The Christmas Wall Papers app is a great way to find all kinds of great Christmas wall papers that you can upload to your phone. With the app, you can browse and use background images on your locking and home screens, and you can even use them in applications such as WhatsApp for your instant messaging wallpaper.

Here is another app with the same name, but it has more (and other) Christmas wallpapers. As with most applications on this page, you can upload the pictures and use them anywhere. This way, you can really make your phone a little more festal this Christmas time.

What about some real-life backgrounds for your phone? You can use a lot of great backgrounds on your phone that will put you and your phone in the vacation world. These are not typically background pictures, so you can't really get the pictures and the app has to be running to keep the background running.

Those backgrounds are supposed to be "3D", but where most smart phones today are not really 3-D, that's not a big sales argument. You can also download the free Christmas App from the Google Store. In this wallpaper app, it's all about dressing up your pet, usually with Christmas beanies. No matter if you are a pet or a pet, in this wallpaper app you will surely find something to like.

They can be downloaded and used as a locking or home wallpaper or both. There is a wallpaper and a broadget in an app. This way you get a wallpaper that is quite Christmassy, but you also get a wide spread that acts as a Christmas timer.

Here is another app with the same name, but it contains backgrounds in high definition. We' re looking at background images that have a minimum 1920 x 1080 screen size, which will look great on most phones. Wallpaper app is not Christmas only. Indeed, in this app you will find all kinds of great background images that are suitable for all opportunities.

It' a great wallpaper app that you can use all year round. Backupdrops has constantly added new background images and the background images are saved in the Cloud so you can install a smaller app on yourphone. It is another app that is not Christmas related, and it has much more than just back drops.

Part of the reason for this is that the user can upload their own background images to this app instead of being just a lot of them. Walkrox is a free app with hundreds and hundreds of galleries of wallpapers. Christmas motifs wallpaper need no Christmas tree, or Santa Claus to make you look like Christmas, right?

What about some snowfall backgrounds playing in real time? Is this something that many in the USA see in actual Christmas situations, so why not use as wallpaper during the Christmas time?

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