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The Chrome interface provides a number of different enable canals. We' re using these platforms to gradually provide user update, from our almost everyday QC build to our robust QC released about every 6 weks. You can run all your ports in tandem - they are installed in different folders and use separate user data folders.

You can run all your ports in tandem - they are installed in different folders and use separate user data folders. Where do I select the sewer to use? Chromium enable Chromium is available from the most robust and proven (Stable Channel) to the most fully unproven and probably least resilient (Canary Channel).

Under Windows, Android and Linux, you can run all your ports next to each other because they do not exchange profile. You can run the Kanarian Kanar to build next to any other canal on the Mac because they don't split a profile with other canals. Allows you to continue playing with our latest codes while maintaining a proven Chrome game.

Sturdy channel: It has received the full test and blessings of the Chrome test crew and is the best choice to prevent accidents and other problems. It will be upgraded approximately every two to three week for smaller release and every six week for larger release. Betacanal: So if you're interested in seeing what comes next with a minimum of exposure, the betacanal is the place for you.

It' re getting refreshed about every few days, with big fixes every six months, more than a months before the stability channels gets them. The Dev Channel: If you want to see what happens fast, you want the Dev Canal. Dev Channels are refreshed once or twice a week and show what we are working on.

It' s still bugged while this exploit is being debugged, because we want to make sure everyone sees what's new as soon as possible. Building a canary: Kanary Island buildings are the bloody brink. We publish this exploit every day, it has not been tried or used, it will be available as soon as it is created. Different builds:

Please note: Early accessory approvals (canary build and dev and betas channels) are only partially available in foreign language. Any text related to new enhancements may not be available in all supported tongues until the enhancements are published on the stability canal. Before I switch my sewer, what should I do?

And if you ever want to change back to a more robust canal, your upgraded profiles may not be compliant with the older one. Keep in mind that dev-channel browsers and canary builds still often fail. When you choose to go from dev to betatas or from betas to stables, the new channels will be on a previous release of Google Chrome.

There will be no automated update on this canal until it arrives one release later than the one you have already run. If you want to return to a previous release, you can deinstall Google Chrome and reinstall it from com/chrome. When you reinstall an older release, you may notice that your profiles are not compliant (because the file format has modified in the newer release that you are running).

Erase the User Data\Default directory (see the Before You Channels section above for the location). When the installation program is unsuccessful when you try to try to reinstall an older release with the error that your computer already has a newer Chrome or Chrome Frame release, you must also remove Chrome Frame.

Afterwards the newer Chrome should be installed without problems.

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