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Today Google released Chrome version 23.0.1271.64 for Windows, Mac and Linux. 23 September 2018 20:49.

Chrome 23 Google is out

Today Google published the Chrome 23.0.1271 release. X64 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Probably the greatest innovation in Chrome 23 is the Do Not Track (DNT) log file format. We were the first company to announce DNT mechanisms supported in Microsoft Explorer 9, followed by Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari and Opera.

It is the first to activate this in IE10 by defaults, while Chrome 23 only now has an activation feature. Nevertheless, Google, which gives the go-ahead for DNT in Chrome, means that all five large browser now supports the DNT format.

But Google wants something better than DNT, as the firm suggests in its announcement: Google is working with others to develop a collaborative approach to responding to such inquiries in the aggregate and in the aggregate. Googles also highlighted enhancements in this version.

Enabling GPU-accelerated videodecoding for Chrome on Windows, the corporation has activated GPU-accelerated videodecoding for Chrome, which means that GPU-accelerated videodecoding can significantly extend battery runtime when viewing movies, as devoted graphic cards consume far less energy than the CPU. Testing on a Lenovo T400 Windows 7 based Windows 7 notebook, the organization played a 1080p h. 264 30 frames per second movie and found that the notebook held 25 per cent longer with GPU-accelerated decode on.

The Chrome 23 also makes it easy to see and manage a website's privileges for features such as geolocalization, pop-ups, and camera/microphone feed. Now Chrome also incorporates the PeerConnection API (allowing designers to build web applications with plug-ins for real-time voice and visual calls), HTML5-Video support (providing a default method to append sub-titles, picture headings, annotations, chapters, as well as footage to videos), and the MediaSource API as well ( providing a visual rendering capability that adjusts visual output performance to meet changes in computer and networking environments to reduce buffering).

Apart from the common Bugfixes, Performance Improvements, a new release of Ver8 and Webkit, here is what Google has newly enumerated in Chrome 23, according to its log change comments on prior beta and dev releases (added in order of chronology): The Chrome feature searches autmatically for capture ports when displaying SSL Interstitials or when an HTTP host is responding to an HTTPS query.

It'?s Windows: Chrome now uses a unique user interface on Microsoft Chrome 8, whether it runs in either desktops or metros modes. When you review the full SVN audit trail, you will notice that there are also several improvements and fixups related to Microsoft Outlook 8 and some crash issues have been fixed. This four-year-old web navigator has also been given its customary dosage of safety corrections, among them a new release of Adobe Flash.

To be more precise, Chrome 23 fixes 14 vulnerabilities (seven high and seven medium): Loan to meubiz. Phil Turnbull's money. Recognition to Atte Kettunen from OUSPG. Loan to meubiz. Loan to meubiz. $1000 ] [154055] High CVE-2012-5121: Usage-free in full screen format. Recognition to Atte Kettunen from OUSPG. Many thanks to Felix Gröbert from the Google Securities Team.

Recognition to Fermin Serna of the Google Security Team. The Google Chrome Security Team (Inferno) is credited. The Google Chrome Security Team (Inferno) is credited. Thanks to Al Patrick from the Chromium Engineering Group. Thanks to Alexander Potapenko from the Chromium-Entwicklungsgemeinschaft. The Google Chrome Security Team (Inferno) is credited. The Google Chrome Security Team (Cris Neckar) is credited.

So Google has spend a whole 9,000 dollars in bugs for this version. Those problems alone should be enough to get you to move up to Chrome 23.

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