Chrome Android Theme Color

Android Chrome Theme Color

Syntax is pretty simple: Add a meta tag to <head> with the name="theme-color" and set the content to any valid CSS color.

Chrom for Android theme color

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This is how you customize the color of the address bar in your mobile browser to your WordPress page

Did you notice that many favorite sites like BBC and Facebook use their own colored brands for the location bars in their browsers? Recently, one of our user asked us if we could post about how to customize the color of the WordPress theme in your portable web browsers?

We will show you in this tutorial how to customize the color of the color bars in your WordPress page. What about adjusting the color of the color bars in the portable browsers? WordPress's most favourite topics are portable. That way, your website looks great on your portable device. The color scheme of the addressbar to your WordPress page gives it a natural app-like look.

Please be aware that it currently only works for the Google Chrome web browsers on Android Lollipop and above platforms with newer version. Just paste this into the header.php of your topic or sub topic just before you close the day. That line is an HTML meteoday used by Google Chrome on Android to color shift the location bars in the portable browsers.

contains the text box with the color you want to use as the theme color. Unsure how to get the color coded text? It is possible to obtain the EX value of a color with any photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc.. It is also possible to select a color using on-line HTML color selection utilities.

When you want to select a color from a web page, you can use a web browsing expansion like ColorZilla. That' all, we are hoping that this essay has help you understand how to adjust the color of the color bars in your WordPress page's portable web browsers. Also you can see our CSS Hero reviews, it's the simplest way to tailor your WordPress theme.

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