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For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Lenovo and all other Android phones, tablets and devices, download Chrome Browser APK (latest version). Upload the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser .APK file.

Android Chrome 69.0.3497.100 - Download

Chrome APK v69.0.3497.100 install. This is the world-famous web navigator created by Google. It's the most user-friendly, fastest and safest web navigator that allows you to fill in the forms autofill using the Auto-Fill function. Chrome was specifically made for Android phones. With Chrome, you can use personalised message items, fast hyperlinks to your favourite pages, integrated Google Search and Google Translate as well as Google Search feeds.

The Chrome has the Incognito option, which allows you to surf in private without having to save your personal story. The Chrome sync function allows you to use more than one device. By logging in, you can retrieve your password, bookmark, and other preferences. The Chrome provides a high degree of protection through built-in Google Secure Browser; it warns you when you're trying to open Malware websites or malicious file.

You can also use Chrome to browse by using Google's Speech and Picture Browse feature. The Chrome interpreter can convert web pages in any languages to your own with just one keystroke. Portable dates can be stored in chrome, which will compress all your documents. You can now browse and browse through the best browsing experiences by downloading Chrome.

The team is working on adding new functionality such as a breathtaking round user surface, a chrome bottom bar that supports downloading in the back and asks what to fetch, changing the name and place of the file. Betatest in chromium use. Explore previously viewed pages and related subjects by selecting from personalised results that appear immediately as you enter.

Complete the quest for the availabilities of Auto-Fill. Don't be concerned about storing your information in the log. Tapping on any words or phrases will launch a Google lookup while you're still on the page you're currently viewing. Surf safely: The Chrome provides secure surfing by providing clues when you begin to scan harmful hyperlinks.

Quick downloading and off-line viewing of websites and videos: With Chrome, you can click a single click to get your own video, image and page files for downloading. And Chrome also has home downloading directly to Chrome, where you can get all the files you've ever downloaded, even when you're off-line.

Googlespeech: The current Chrome Browsers offers you the quickest way to find the person you are looking for. You can use your voices to find answer without tapping on the go and free your palms. Explore and browse faster with your voices, anywhere, at any time. Picture search: Browse your detail by inserting the picture into the Find Web Picture item.

Integrated Google Translate: Quickly convert web pages into your preferred languages via a Google translations tabs. Store mobile data: Saves up to 60% of your information by turning on Chrome's Datasaver to search and navigation through web information, while Chrome condenses text, pictures, video and web sites without compromising image clarity. Intelligent personalized recommendations:

Search the new tabs using the search history from your previous tabs that Chrom chose for you.

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