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Chrome Apps for Android and iOS launched by Google Today Google released Chrome applications for Android and iPhoneOS. It provides an early vision of a Apache Cordova-based opensource framework for the creation of natively portable applications using HTML, JavaScript, and JavaScript. Using the utility, developers can package their Chrome app with a natively designed app shell that allows them to share it via Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Today's announcements build on the September introduction of Chromeapps, which work off-line by standard and work like natively running application on the hosting system. These ChromeApps will work with Windows, Mac and ChromeOS, but now the business wants to take them to the portable part. We last months spread the word that the business is working to move Chrome Package solutions from the desktops to the move.

Google development proponent Joe Marini said then that the betatoolkit for poring and creating such applications would be finished in January. There are two development workflow options offered by Google for the above mentioned app packing natively. A Chrome App can be run on a hardware appliance or simulator from the console or an IDE, and you can also use the Chrome apps development tool to run your app on an Android appliance without having to deploy the SDK of the portable platforms or an IDE.

This is an example of a simple to-do listing chrome app that runs on both OS and Android: the Chrome app: To those who don't know, Chrome package applications are in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but run outside the web browsers, work off-line by defaults, and gain control of certain APIs that are not available for web applications.

To create these portable applications, designers have full control over your application's capabilities, as well as many of the major Chrome applications, including: Identität - Log your user in withOAuth2 without password prompts; Zahlungen (derzeit nur Android) - Verkauf von virtuellen Gütern within Ihrer mobilen App. pusMessaging - Push-messaging to your app from your servers.

Slots - Sending and receiving information over the net using TCP and UDP. Alerts ( currently Android only) - Sending notification messages from your portable app. Saving - Saving and retrieving local value keys. synchronFileSystem - Saving and retrieving Google Drive supported file types. Alerts - Perform alerts regularly. Are you a programmer interested in creating Chrome applications for your devices or migrating your Chrome applications to your devices? You can start by reading the following reading and linking.

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