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Include this free extension in your Chrome browser. Managing Background Script Event Management Enhancements are event-based applications that change or improve the Chrome browse environment. Occurrences are web browsers trigger, such as navigation to a new page, removal of a favorite page, or closure of a tabs. Enhancements watch these occurrences in their batch scripts and then respond with specified statements. Loads a back page when needed and unloads it when empty.

A few instances of occurrences are: Initially, the expansion is either upgraded to a new release or added. Silent page listened to an incident and the incident is sent. Contents scripts or other extensions send a notification. A different display in the expansion, such as a dialog box, will call runtime.getBackgroundPage. After loading, a backend page remains active as long as it executes an operation, such as invoking a Chrome-API or issuing a networking requirement.

In addition, the backend page is not unloaded until all visual displays and news port are shut down. Notice that opening a viewer does not cause the loading of the events page, but only avoids it to close after loading. Actual backup script remain in place until an incident, which they investigate for fire, rest, respond with certain commands and then discharge.

Wallpaper scripting is recorded in the Manifesto under the Wallpaper area. You will be enumerated in an arrow after the script keys, and the " persistent " should be specified as incorrect. "Awesome Test Extension." "Wallpaper": "Scripts": "Wallpaper. js" ], "persistent": You can register more than one batch script for your modules.

"Awesome Test Extension." "Wallpaper": "Scripts": "backupContextMenus. js", "backupOmniBox. js", "backupOauth. js" ], "persistent" : he only way to keep a backend script permanently enabled is if the chrome enhancement uses chrome. websiteRequest API to lock or change networking requirements. is not compatible with non-persistent backgrounds.

For those extensions currently using a background persistence page, see the Wallpaper Migration Guide for instructions on switching to a non-persistent mode. Hear the runtimes. uponInstalled Events to initiate an enhancement during install. You use this action to define a state or for a one-time initiation, for example, a shortcut menu. How to do this?

"selects " }); }); }); Structures context sensitive event backgrounds on which the expansion is dependent. The definition of functional related incidents allows to keep silent backup script until these incidents are raised and to prevent the enhancement from failing to miss important trigger. The audience must be recorded from the top of the page. Registration of audience not asynchronous because they are not correctly raised.

extensions can delete Listener from their batch logs by invoking removListener. Once all listers for an incident are deleted, Chrome no longer loads the batch file of the enhancement for that incident. use event filtering supported api' s to limit audiences to the cases the expansion is interested in.

Waiting for the tab pages to expand. webUpdated event, try the onCompleted event with filters, otherwise the tabAPI doesn't work. com/' }]}); listers are used to initiate functions as soon as an incident is triggered. In order to respond to an incident, organize the required response within the auditory event. 1.

" backgroundColor="orange"'' }); }; }; }; }); dates should be regularly updated so that important information is not wasted when an expansion crashed without getting received bySuspend. ); if an expansion uses messaging, make sure all port are shuts. Silent unloads the batch scripts only when all messages port are inactive.

Hearing the runtime.Port... events gives information about when open port are closed. The lifespan of a backup can be monitored by watching when an enhancement item pops up and vanishes from Chrome's taskmanager. To open the taskmanager, click on the Chrome menu, move your mouse over other utilities and select it.

After a few seconds of idle time, silent backup script will be automatically unloaded. When last minute cleaning is needed, hear the run time. on-Suspend Events.

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