Chrome Browser Theme Change

Changing the Chrome Browser Design

Modify the drop-down menu to "Enabled" and then restart the browser. Drag and drop the included theme file (with the extension.crx) over your Chrome browser window and then click "Add" to switch to this theme. Set the Google Chrome theme directly back on your smartphone. Set the Google Chrome theme directly back on your smartphone.

In your Chrome browser, go to

Back to the old chrome design change

You may have seen a change in the appearance of your browser this past Monday if you are using a periodically upgraded Chrome release. This is because Google has just released its latest Chrome release, completed with a full rework. This new look replaces Chrome's well-known angle and square shapes for a smoother look, with round edges, round symbols and a slightly brighter colour pattern.

Fortunately, those who don't like the new chrome look can at least get the old look back for now. As with most Chrome functions, the settings we need to change to revert to the old Chrome theme are switchable via a Chrome flagg. In order to display and set these colors, start Chrome, type the following in the location toolbar and press Enter/Return:

To find the interface layout for the browser's top chrome, browse down through the option lists (or use the browse field at the top of the page). To change it from Standard to Normal, use the drop-down to the right of this item. The Chrome will ask you to reboot the browser.

Remember that while Chrome is good at reminding and re-loading your open sites, it's not always flawless. Before restarting your browser, make sure you bookmark and store your information just to be on the safer side. If the browser is reloaded, you will see that the old chrome theme is back.

However, please be aware that although the appearance of Chrome has improved, you are still using the latest browser release under the bonnet. Also, keep in mind that this may not be an unlimited availability unless you totally dislike the new look, you may want to stay with it so that you are ready when Google unplugs the old look in the near term.

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