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To reset your Chrome design to the default setting, simply click the Reset button and you're in plain text. Chrome can be reset to the default theme at any time. But when I first tried to get back to the default theme, I couldn't find the right option and had to search Google for it.

This is how you return the Chrome browser to the default theme

Having used the Firefox web browsers as my primary browsers for years, I realised when I moved to Google Chrome that some things work differently in them. Unlike the Firefox web browsers, for example, you can set up new users and only one of them will be uploaded when you start the web browsers.

However, in the Chrome Browsers you can change to any desired username and password by pressing the small username symbol in the Chrome Browsers pane. One more thing I noticed is that you can only set up and enable one theme at a time-in Chrome web browsers. The Firefox Web Browsers for Desktops allows you to set up more than one theme and enable only one of them at a time. The Firefox Web Browsers for Desktops allow you to set up more than one theme at a time.

However, if you've got a theme in Google Chrome and want to return to the default theme, you can do the following: Start the Chrome web browser, click the elliptical bars near the top right hand edge (three dots) and select Preferences from the displayed menus. The currently uninstalled design will be displayed, a link to the Chrome webshop and other designs will be displayed, and next to these items you will see the Restore to Default checkbox.

If you click on it, the design will be removed immediately and the Chrome Browsers will be reset to the default design. If you use this item to return the default theme to Chrome, all previously loaded theme file will be deleted. To reinstall these designs, you will need to revisit the Chrome webshop website, browse for your preferred designs, and reinstall them in the Chrome webbrowser.

To remove/uninstall Google Chrome theme and restore it to default theme

Chrome topics are very much liked by Chrome people. Now you can play your favourite Chrome items, your favourite club or anything else. However, when I first tried to return to the default theme, I couldn't find the right one and had to look for it on Google.

So, if you're looking for a way to eliminate a Chrome theme, read on, it's really simple. Returning to the standard Google Chrome design: Perform these actions to delete the topic. Voila, now you have the default chrome design back and you would see that the Reset icon is greyed out.

In order to get a new design for your Chrome Browsers, you can always click on the "Get Topics" button and search the Chrome Theme Warehouse. Don't miss to check out our Google Chrome Topics gallery to see some new topics. Additional literature for Google Chrome:

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