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The Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that is available for almost any device, including your Android phone or tablet. There are 3 ways to get Google Chrome for Android

The Chrome is a web navigator designed by Google that is available for almost every type of mobile devices, even your Android mobile/tablet. Chrome can be installed on your device's Google Play Store, but if you need a particular older release, you'll need to download it from a website that saves old applications.

To try the latest Chrome functions before they appear in the major release, you can download and run the Chrome beta. Review your copy of Android. Android 4. 0 or later is required to run and be installed on Google Chrome. Browse down and touch About the unit. Search for the item "Android version".

If it is 4. 0 or higher, you can have Chrome installed. On your machine, open the Game Store. Must be signed in with a Google Account. Touch the Loupe icon and look for "Chrome". Choose "Chrome Browser - Google" from the results page.

Touch Install to start the Chrome download and installation process on your Android. Instead, if you see an "Open" or "Update" icon, Chrome is already on your machine. Allow Chrome to complete its installation. Start Chrome. On the Chrome Shop page, you can either press the "Open" icon or start it from your App drawer.

Login with your Google account. The Chrome icon shows the Google account associated with your Android unit that you can use to login to Chrome. Make Chrome the standard web navigator. Next and next times you type a web site or something that opens in a web browser, Android will ask you to choose the desired application.

Choose "Chrome" and then touch "Always" to always open this type of hyperlink in Chrome. Eliminate the latest Chrome release (if any). You must clear Chrome if you already have a newer release of Chrome before you install an older release. Choose "Applications" or "Applications". Locate Chrome in the Install Chrome application listing.

When Chrome is pre-installed on your machine, touch Uninstall Chrome to reset Chrome to the original release when it came from the box. When you need a particular older Chrome release, you can purchase it on-line, but you must configure your Chrome to be installed from places other than the Game Store.

Choose "Security". Ensure that the website is trusted, as deploying applications from unfamiliar locations can endanger your machine. The older Chrome releases on APKMirror can be found here. Touch the one you want to begin the download to your machine. As a result, the setup procedure is started. The system asks you to verify that you want to deploy the application from an unrecognized location.

Launch Chrome. Chrome can be started like any other application once it is in use. To keep Chrome as the one you have on your computer, disable automated updating on the Google Play Store. Doing so will stop your unit from loading the latest Chrome release for you.

Go to the Google Playlist. Touch "Automatically refresh apps" and then choose "Do not refresh your Apps automatically". On your machine, open the Game Store. Allows any Android customer to browse and get the Chrome Betas. It is a test for the latest feature that comes in the normal edition, which means that you may have priority over normal subscribers.

Compromise is that the Chrome Betas is not as robust as the normal one, and Google does not ensure that it always works. Touch the magnifying glass and look for "Chrom beta". Choose "Chrome Beta" from the results page. Touch "Install" to start the download and installation of Chrome Betas on your Android.

Launch Chrome Beta after the installation is complete. Chrome beta may be faulty, new functions may not work properly, or old functions may be corrupted. It is not advisable to use the Chrome betabase application as your only web browsing tool. Does there even exist the possibility to become a Google Chrome Browsers betatester?

Google should be contacted to see if this is possible.

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