Chrome free

Free of chromium

Google Chromium is an open source web browser project launched by Google to provide the source code for the proprietary Google Chrome browser. As the global construction industry develops, the next big step will be to switch to chrome-free primers. Chrome will exceed your expectations.


Google has launched an open sourcecode web browsing application to deliver the sources for its own Chrome web browsers.'s developed Chrommium gives you unrestricted online connectivity, even in areas with strong web censorship: To open the web page, double-click on the chrome.exe.

To facilitate easy accessibility, you can create a link to chrome.exe on your computer screen. If you are starting Chromedium for the first times, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the apple. Under Windows, just remove the Chromedium directory. Erase the program under your computer's operating system. There is at least one stabile release every 6 week.

Contrary to Chrome, Chrommium does not refresh itself instantly, so please make sure to register our releases page to test new releases on a regular basis.

Ready for a chrome-free tomorrow

We are a leading company in the field of environmental protection and environmental protection. As a leading company in the field of environmental protection, we strive to create a better, more secure and more livable environment. Our dedication to making our processes and our product range more environmentally sound is intended to make sure that our clients, our people - and the Earth - profit from it. Let's take the building sector, for example. We have a long tradition of leading the prepainted metals industries in implementing advanced, durable designs, incorporating lead-free coating.

Next big thing in the developing building world will be the switch to chrome-free paints. That' s why we took the leadership and are now providing our clients with a new, more durable chromium-6 (Cr-6) free chromium free range. Our aim is also to guide the passage of the markets towards a Cr-6-free tomorrow.

For many years we have been delivering Cr-6-free top coats and bakers to our coils coatings clients. Next natural development was the development of a similar primer application technique. Research groups have jointly explored the use of CAM to understand how to create efficient primers without the use of Cr-6.

Their work has been crucial because the choice of Cr-6-free is an important move to make the building sector - and our planet - more secure and environmentally-friendly. As part of our analysis, we conducted trials on test specimens that showed that our Cr-6-free colorectal cancer free colorectal cancer free colorectal cancer free colorectal cancer free primers worked at eye level with chromium-laden colorectal cancer free colorectal cancer free colorectal cancer primers, validating the test results we collected over 15 years.

Our new product developments are engineered to satisfy the construction market's requirements for performances - such as roof, side and side door and stainless door - and are engineered for use on Galvalume and HPG with off-the-shelf pre-treatments. It is also fully compliant with all our latest bakers and topcoats and can be used as a drop-in substitute for our latest chromatized Primer.

Indeed, we are already using the new compound in our own plants, among them the recently opened Performance Coatings plant in Chonburi, Thailand. The choice of a Cr-6-free compliant is an important milestone in making our industries and our planet safe and environmentally sound. Bringing Cr-6-free products to our clients enables them to stay at the cutting edge of sustained innovations and take early advantage of early adopt.

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