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About Chrome, including the latest version number. Which is the latest version of Chrome? Chrome is available in several slightly different flavours - the latest version will depend on which you use. They' re all essentially the same version of Chrome - usually with the same functions and equipment on all plattforms - but you will find in the above chart that the very last version number fragments are different between the different plattforms.

You need to know what version of Chrome I have? The Browser Version API contains the latest version numbers for Chrome and other popular browser versions. So if you already have Chrome, but want to make sure it's up to date, please read our instructions that show you how to activate Chrome to search for updates:

Updating Chrome. There are several ways to get and use Google Chrome, based on your platforms. If you need to get Chrome installed on a desktops computer, you can get Chrome directly from Google. Chrome on an Android unit is available from Google Chrome on the Google Play Store.

The Chrome is available for nearly all computer plattforms, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhones/iPads. Chrome is used for most of my web surfing and I suggest it as the best available one. Chrome automatically refreshes itself, because it means that I always use the latest and most secure version when using it.

That' s why I suggest it to my boyfriends and my relatives, because otherwise they might not take the trouble to refresh their web browsers by hand. When they use Chrome, I know they will have a secure and patchable webpage. Many useful enhancements are available that you can add to Chrome to add additional features.

To browse these enhancements, visit the Chrome Web Store. Dealing with all the geeks behind Chrome's design features, you can follow all the designs on the Chrome Releases blog. To use Chrome and need to know how to activate things like cookie or Java Script, visit our How-to web browsers page for a guide to how to use it.

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