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The Chrome Web Store, however, still contains an extensive collection of extensions and themes. How Oath et nos partenaires vous offrent une meilleure publicité To provide you with a better overall user experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you. For example, if you search for a particular movie, we will use your search data and location to display cinemas near you. We also use this information to show you advertisements for similar movies that you might like.

That they believe may be of interest to you. Comme pour le serment, nos partenaires peuvent aussi vous montrer des publicités qu'ils croient susceptibles de vous intéresser. Learn more about how Math collects and uses information and use information and how our partners collect and use information. Select "OK" to allow and our partners to use your information, or "Manage Options" to view our partners and your choices.

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To activate dark mode for Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but you can get a desktop chrome web page with just a few mouse clicks. Google Chrome has no built-in black design like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. They can even add a sleek design to any website you go to. The Chrome Web Store provides custom themes that you can access and purchase from the Chrome Web Store.

In order to give Chrome a black surface, all you have to do is add a black design. You can even find a useful set of editor-selected topics in Google. Morpheon is the most famous motif in the shop and we suggest Morpheon deark. Contrary to some other obscure themes, it provides a good contrast between your current screen, which is slightly brighter, and your idle screens, which are not.

With this design, the tabsheet, caption, symbol sheet, and new page are darkened. That' all you can say in Chrome. For example, you cannot darken the Chrome shortcut menu or the settings page. One design changes the user experience of your web browsers, but most sites use whites. Of course, you can turn on the Gmail and some other sites' individual darkness modes, but that only works for one site at a time.

In order to get a dim view for the whole web, please download the Acrobat Reader plug-in from the Chrome Web Store. A few other browsers work similarly, but we like it best of all the ones we've tried. Not only does this add-on apply a dim look to every webpage you view, but you can also click the Mark Reader icon on your taskbar to customize it.

From here you can also deactivate the darkness state for a website. You can even add an option to never open websites in dim modus, which is useful if you don't have a good website with using Acrobat Reader. Unfortunately, the Chrome settings pages will always be blank and blau. Enhancements cannot manipulate them for safety purposes.

Chrome's shortcut menu is provided by the OS, so you can't darken it - at least not until Windows 10's Darkness setting also works for applications shortcut menu.

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