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Orpheon Dark: The Humble Story of the World's Most Popular Chrome Theme I' ve preferred to drape a black look on my web browsers since the end of the 90s and the publication of the NeoPlanet web browsers, and this look is something I still like. YouTube to Chrome OS and everything in between, if I can have a sinister topic in front of me, then yes. Already my phone is flayed with the Nova Intro, which mimics the look of pixels 2 with activated black motif. So when the maker of the Morpheon Darks theme for Chrome sent me an email this weekend asking me if his tale was interesting enough to tell, I immediately gave him my full and complete allotment.

Jeremy's tale is not only extraordinarily interesting, but the Cinderella tale of Morpheon Dark also bears an even more profound resemblance to the not-so-happy side of open source softwares found in the Chrome Web Store. When I thought about how I would tell Jeremy's tale, I fought with how I could correctly convey the events with the purity and authenticity he had told me.

So with his consent, I give you the story of Morpheon Dark as it was given to me. I' ve been a Google Chrome fan since the start, but due to the early absence of topics and expansion features, I was still a persistent Firefox fan in the first place. However, when Google introduced theme sharing in 2009, I opted that I would try to fully migrate it.

The early Chrome topics were a major issue with my move. Mainly the absence of plain and minimalistic dark topics as I have used them for years in Firefox. Instead of waiting, I chose to do some research and make a theme for myself. Never really took the trouble to post it in the theme shop, I just had to pull the crash data I had made from my flash drives to all the new machines I used.

At the beginning of 2011, however, I was chosen as one of the few fortunate ones to receive the first Chromebook, the CR-48. At that time Google had introduced Chrome Sync, and to use my own design, I had to sign up as a Chrome designer and publish my design there.

Can' t emphasize enough that I did the absolute least amount of work necessary to publish my topic. Added no actual descriptions, hurried size pictures, no contacts, etc. Essentially, I just wanted to synchronize my design to synchronize it with my new Chromebook. Throughout the years, the theme had no update (with the exception of changes that Google requires development engineers to make over the years to keep their designs active), and one that made it properly scalable to any given level of detail.

Apparently, despite my shortage of contacts information, this individual found out that my Twitter name was the same as my Gmail. But out of my own interest I found my old Google Developer log-in and looked at the topic.... and what I found blown me away. Somehow, just over the course of being, my theme had somehow swum up to become the most active chrome theme in the game.

Over the last 3 month it has been deployed in every Google Analytics-tracking nation in the globe. Made a decision to create a website for customer service (, and last November, after I lost my jobs, I dropped a few Google adverts on them and managed to get $6-10 a dollar a daily from them.

I have always been on the shortlist of top publishers, as well as number 1 in the categories of black topics. That' incredibly amazing when you consider that Jeremy just wanted to make a theme that worked for him. Already, there are topics in the Web Store that have been written by programmers who do this for a livelihood, and their installations don't come near that number.

Following a brief back and forth with Jeremy, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to say to this stunning tale. He was as humiliating an answer as Morpheon Dark's ascent to glory. Jeremy's huge appeal has often led to businesses seeking to monetise his subject.

I' ll be sharing a brief extract from one of the businesses that contacted Jeremy about the "partnership" with him to take advantage of the appeal of his theme. We' re here to partner with your business and we' re here to help drive your sales by including our Google Home Page products to monetise your traffic with the Google trade name.

Attach our Google home page to this e-mail for detailed information. You see a fake Google search site whose purposes could go from collecting information for targeting ads to endless diversions or even hijacking your web browsers and keeping your phone held hostage until you perform certain things or even fix it The more vicious version of this type of "application" has even been found to collect your personally identifiable information such as e-mail address, debit and credit cards, or even your insurance numbers.

Unfortunately, some of the hardest sites are children's sites that you would expect to be protected from these kinds of pushy applications, but advertisements are a billion dollars worth of money and many businesses will make great efforts to get your information and use it to deliver your demo advertisements. Browser creators like Chrome, FireFox, MSFT Edge and others continue to upgrade their platform to defend against these kinds of undesirable threats, but your computer is only as secure as you are, and vendors of evil and pushy softwares will always find new ways to run their codes on your computer.

When not directly by surfing, then by other means such as extensions, web applications and yes, even topical. A lot of businesses, such as the one Jeremy contacts, are legit businesses with the intent to collect and sell your information to marketers. It is the question of openness or the absence of openness that is the issue. But before you cruise me, yes, Google does exactly that kind of focused publicity, but they don't do it without your consent.

While I know that very few of us actually review the Terms and Conditions when we allow our equipment to be accessed, they are there and Google uses the information to provide relevant, user-centric information.

Unfortunately, we are all on our own when it comes to download topics, Apps, extensions or what you have, and the watch out buyers rules apply with great clout. You' ll be amazed that some of your favourite uses take up more of your information than you would expected, but you let them.

A developer who lacks in-depth information about their applications, complete with modification log, contacts, or possibly a Web site, typically falls into one of two classifications. First is the absence of assistance, which is not a felony, but it really smells when you find a great application just to see it left by its Maker.

I would hold back for security reasons if an application had a serious information shortage. I' m saying all this just to close the loop on Jeremy and the Morpheon Dark theme. Certainly, I could ruin my subject and bring in some much-needed money, but despite a recent dividend (and intermediate jobs.), as well as the need for a cars that doesn't die, I still refrain from monitising a commodity that I know is loved because it's minimalistic.

That' s why, over the years, so many great and easy applications have been inflated with advertisements, Java bundles, hijacking your homepage, etc. Jeremy's feelings here, so I'm not even gonna try. The only thing I can say is that Morpheon Dark and Jeremy's history is awesome, but not as much as the mirroring of modesty and integrality in his words.

To try Morpheon Dark and help Jeremy's mission, please visit his website at the following links. Yeremy would never ask for himself, but after a little coercion I could get a square cash from him. I' m not giving in for bits, but at the same token I believe there are likely a few with 1. 8 million installations that will show Jeremy their appreciation and even want to aid in the continuing maintenance of Morpheon Dark.

Underneath is a hyperlink to Jeremy to send a little something to show your endorsement for you who is so eager to do this.

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