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Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the best results. Chrome plans to distrust Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte SSLs. Use the WebStar link in the upper right corner of the page you are viewing. To copy e-mail addresses, follow these steps:. Step-by-step instructions for installing an SSL Certificate on WebSTAR.

Radio Fi Talkie

The WiFi Walkie Talkie is a push-to-talk app that lets you speak over free WiFi Wi-Fi LAN. You can use this utility to transfer your speech information to all your units on the same LAN or to any unit whose IP is known. When you want to broadcast a voicemail to an individual subscriber, hit the Uicast key and enter the IP that you want to use.

Press and keep the PTT key pressed and press and speech. When you want to stream, use the Stream radio buttons and the broadcasting domains Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

This is how you deploy an SSL certificate on the WebSTAR server

Obviously the latter is not an optimal choice, so SSL certificate (not literally) are currently thrown off the shelf as site administrators and site owner are hired to deploy them on theirs. Well, the trouble is, for many folks this is the first times they've been asked to run something on a webhost.

Before you can begin to install your SSL Certificates, the first thing you need to do is earn a home SSL and CSR and then issue your SSL Certificates. First, we'll go over how to make a personal number. Log on to your WebSTAR web site via the WebSTAR web server's administration interface. Rename your personal keys filename.

Please enter a username and Password. To do this, Choose Regenerate Keys. Now your personal keys will be stored in the WebSTAR Keys folder. The next step is to create a new certificate signing request or corporate social responsibility (CSR). Your CSR is a de facto request for your certification. However, the CA that issues your SSL Certificates uses the information about your SSL to fill the SSL Certificates.

Return to the Generate Keys and SRs from Previous Screen. Choose the privatkeys you just made, and type your passwort. Choose Generate CRS. Generate a new text document, store the content of the just generate SR in it. Now you can submit your corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the CA that issues your certification.

Once your CA has issued your certification, it's your turn to download and use it. Ensure that you copy/paste everything, as well as the prompt sets with the sentences "BEGIN CERTIFICATE" and "END CERTIFICATE". Store your text as comodopack. pem. Under WebSTAR Administration in the settings, choose SSL Security. Choose the IP that matches the name of your SSL Certificates domains.

Choose the SSL/TLS version you want to use from the pop-up Secure SSL pop-up list. If you click Certificates Selection, choose the Commodopack. nem archive you just made. If you click Choose My Personal Keys, choose the personal keys you previously used. Type the username of your personal account. Choose Save. Verify the Servers Status screen and you will see a confirmation that your SSL Certificates have been approved.

Choose which encryptions you want to use. Choose Save. Now your SSL certificate is installe!

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