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Reload or delete topics from your browser Personalise Chrome on your computer with a funny design. This topic will appear at the edge of the web page and as a wallpaper when you open a new tabs. Open Chrome on your computer. Click More Preferences in the upper right corner. Click Topics under Aussehen.

Or you can go to the galery by going to Chrome Web Store Themes.

Please click on the miniature views to get a thumbnail view of the different topics. If you find a design that you want to use, click Append to Chrome. Immediately apply the topic. Open on your computer Chrom. Click More Preferences in the upper right corner. Click Restore to Defaults under Aussehen. Obtain help to restore your Chromesettings.

Best and most functional Chromebook themes (early 2018 issue)

Yes, because most chromium (and every other web browsers does the same). However, give him a little look at this videotape and see what other topics can't.... This is one of the few topics that are actually fully operational. You can find out more about this topic here. One of the most beloved designs on the Web Store.

Every Chrome users should try it at least once. A Deviant artist, Apofiss, designed this topic. Honourable mention for the best and most functional Chromebook themes: This gives you the matrix feeling when you use Chrome in development modus. An Ironman topic with beautiful graphic vectors.

Even a plain motif with nice graphic. Fleecy SushiThis topic is beautifully presented. Only if it actually works as in the previews, would I definitely use it as my primary topic. So these are the best Chromebook themes for early 2018. Do you use the topic I have enumerated here?

Tell me in the comments section below and don't miss to visit this website for more information about Chromebook.

The best browsing themes for Chromebooks

We' ve added a new cartoon topic and some great new Star Wars themes. Because your Chromebook uses the use of the chart browsers, you can adjust the look and handling to your moods and interests. Our web store is full of topics, so we've brought out some of the best just in case you didn't want to muddle through.

You sometimes just have to go out and watch the sky while you're on the move with your Chromebook. It is a nice topic that stretches beyond the home page to the addressbar. When you are enjoying a quiet spatial landscape, this is the topic for you. It is a very quiet topic to put you in a soft session while using your Chromebook.

It' a Dr. Who inspiration for your Chromebook, enough ambiguous to be savored by everyone, but enough specifically to please the Whovian inside. You can now stop and take a look around from outer-space with the topic Three Pupils Earth for your Chromebook. As your tabbed pages change between greens and blues, this is a topic that goes beyond your home page and takes a bit of earth with it to every website you go to!

On the whole, some topics can be annoying. When you want to personalise your Chromebook, but want to keep things easy and sophisticated, a minimal design is the way to go. Elegant Slinky is the little dark gown with chromed themes. It is about as easy to use just like changing your favorite colors, because it only affects the addresses bars and your tabbed pages.

It is a beautiful motif with a rich colour range, from the darkest to the deepest of blues. So if you are trying to concentrate on the job at hand and don't want to emphasize anything in your wallpaper, Bjarki Jónasson's Darks Vibe topic is the one. When you want an inconspicuous motif, but perhaps something more joyful than blacks, the classical motif of blues will meet your needs.

It only affects your addressbar and tabbed pages with a beautiful two-tone blues that falls back on Windows XP. Only because you love your Chromebook doesn't mean you can't love it. It is a fantastic complete topic that covers all aspects of Chrome, which is ideal for those who want their topic to influence every part of their Chromebook experiences.

Beautiful Landscape is just the thing for you if you want your Chromebook to be a Bob Ross work of art. Jallacy Simple Life's Thema shows a beautiful little cubicle in the hills, probably on a small farmstead where lucky little harvests are growing. Another capricious topic for your Chromebook is Palau HD, which allows you to take a breather once in a while, get you out of your immediate environment and throw you into the sea.

Cartoon themes: Well, who doesn't like a great cartoon subject? It' s chimaera-f**in' changas and this cute dead pool topic for your Chromebook. Download the Merc with a mouth on your Chromebook! When you like a mix of cartoon and minimalistic themes, this Iron Man themed is your pocket, babe.

Colours are subdued and soft, and Iron Man is floating in the middle, a guard that guards your Chromebook. This Captain America topic is for those of you who are a fan of First Avenger! It' pretty easy with three different recordings of the one and only Steve Roger around your chromed rib.

So why not carry your Fandom loud and proud on your Chromebook? The Scarlet Speedster from Central City is a great Chromebook subject, with the subdued reds of his suits as good for the eye as Grant Gustin. An Arkham game and Batman fans in general, this topic is perfect for your Crime Alley.

Contains a picture of the Dark Jumper from Arkham City, along with the bat symbol in the front and middle, just in case you didn't know it was a Batman-themed. So why don't you play your street games with your Chromebook and then come back home to your game?

POOKÉMON!!!!!!!! The most popular scary lilac families, Gastly, Haunter and Gengar take their place on your Chromebook and then take their place in your dream (where they are eating them). I' m not sure about the solution to this issue, but I'm working on a 5k Mac and it's the first one that adapts to my web browsing, which is almost full frame.

It' a great topic for any Pokémon aficionado. Team Rocket Witzbold, a seasoned team, let Wobbuffet on your Chromebook and in your hearts. It will adapt to any display and the wobby-blue backdrop is beautiful and gentle on the eye. What would it be like if someone were to portray the Legendary Bird Pokémon as real life artificial creatures from China?

Pokemon legend by zeigrass! Well you can't, but your Chromebook can do it with the Pokemon Red themed by Ratchet V. Allow beautifully renders fans to decorate your Chromebook in subdued colours that are beautiful when looking at the full picture, but inconspicuous when you're not. When you need an epic subject to tune into the history of a far, far, far, far away universe, this should help you do the trick! What a great game!

And if the latest Star Wars add-on droids have taken your hearts, this minimalistic subject may be just the thing for you. If it' about the black side, the newest bad guy on the bloc is Vader's cousin Kylo Ren. The subject is quite obscure, except for a stylised Kylo Ren in the centre of the display.

Whilst the chromed seeker hides half of Kylo from view, you can still see his lightsaber quite well. Millenium Falcon, initially in the possession of Han Solo and controlled by no one other than Han Solo, is here to jazz up your subject. Most of your computer monitor is occupied and the chart browser blocks it a bit, but it's a nice game.

In chrome, even. What is your topic? Everybody has to have a subject. Which topic do you use on your Chromebook?

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