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Chromebox is a PC with the operating system Chrome OS from Google. This device is a desktop version of the Chromebook laptop. You can use Chromeboxes for desktop computers, signage, and more.

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100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years gives you instant acces to all your information and documents in the cloud by just signing into your Google Accounts wherever you are. It comes with four 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and an SD memory stick so you can easily transfer your daily chores such as your documents, pictures and other assets.

Just toggle between your account while making sure everyone's information stays personal and protected; while Child Protect ensures everyone can surf the web safely and family-friendly. Just connect an SD memory stick to the built-in SD memory stick and Google+ will load and save your pictures for you. Your easy-to-use user experience with Chrome provides unparalleled accessibility to ten thousand applications that you can browse and down load from the Web Store.

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I' d already known about the Chromebox before, but didn't give it too much heed. Is it more than chrome under Windows? No: But here's the reason why (if your desktops die or you're tired of how slowly it is) you should buy a Chromebox: When you are like most humans, you will find that 90+% of the times you are on a computer, you use a web navigator.

ChamromeOS does it all and offers you the web navigator and a great way to connect to it. It won't come anywhere near, but if you're looking for something to do that, you probably don't even look at chrome boxes and therefore don't even read this one.

2 ) Can still make Microsoft Online Offices. To those of you who are not comfortable with Online Offices, it's a web edition of Online Offices that doesn't have all the bell and whistle of a normal business in it. When you' re like most humans, you really don't use the bell and the whistle.

With my job (law) I do a whole bunch of work in Office and find that everything I need can be done on Office On-line. When you really don't need many functions, Google Docs checks it out, it will rock too. 3 ) 100 GB of on-line space. Of your new Chromebox (or Chromebook) go to and give some information a Bratsche, 100GB on-line store.

With the Chromebox there is no learn-bend. It' the Chrome webscreen and if you have used a webscreen in the last 5 years, you are up to date. While there are a few functions that you don't get with normal Chrome devices like Bluetooth and WIFI, they are still simple to use.

5) Google Print is used. Chromebox, although it has got connectors via bus, does not allow you to attach your computer to your computer because it does not require the installation of a driver. First you will get a Google Print enabled printing device. Okay, I'm with you, I really don't need another printing device lying around my home. 00 ), which makes a miracle, why not just buy a new one.

Third, use an old computer running Chrome as a gateways. Of course, Chrome can run under Linux and can also be used to add printers. This is a how-to how you can turn a Raspberry Pi into your Google Cloud Print server. Again, this is a barrier for many folks, but I say after you've put Google Cloud Print into operation, it's fantastic.

You no longer have to worry about which computer your documents are on and which computer is attached to which printers. It' easy to click on this printout and this one. When you find out that you' re not into Chromed OS, that's fine. You will find many Tutorials on how to get Ubuntu installed on your Chromebox either as binary boots or replacements.

Well, if that looks Grecian to you, just stay with Chrom OS. I hope you found my reviews useful for the Chromebox.

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