Hints for using the Chrome Web Store Below are some ways to help you maximise your use of the Chrome Web Store: In order to navigate the Chrome Web Store, you can: Improve your searching by using filter (article category, characteristics, ratings). To view more detail, click the element, along with its descriptions and associated elements. Please see the review on the "Reviews" page.

The Chrome Web Store articles available in your region should appear on your screen now. Perform these operations to modify your site or language: Evaluate or verify an application, enhancement, or design after you have deployed it. Perform these procedures to evaluate or verify an item: Choose the element you want to check.

Please click on Recensions. Score this object 1-5 star. Enter your rating in the annotation field. Don't email or link to sites or other applications in your rating. Do not publish counterfeit scores that are used to increase or decrease them. When you see a non-compliant annotation, click Mark as Junk or Misuse next to the check.

Or you can provide direct feed-back to the developers by following these steps: Choose the element you want to check.

Troubleshoot issues with applications, enhancements, or topics.

Follow these instructions if you have issues with your applications, enhancements, and topics. Ensure that you are in Chrome or in a Chromebook. Chrome Web Store applications are only installed in Chrome. Find out how to get Chrome. Ensure that you have the latest Chrome release. Find out how to upgrade Chrome.

A few applications only work on Chromebooks. When you are not on a Chromebook, make sure that you do not download an application intended for Chromebooks only. When you use a work or education computer, your administrative staff may not allow you to import elements from the Chrome Web Store. You must log in to the same Chrome and Chrome Web Store accounts.

Click Menu Preferences in the upper right corner of Chrome. The " Persons " section shows the e-mail with which you have registered with Chrome. Visit the Chrome Web Store. Click on your e-mail at the top right. Then click Log in to another user profile. Go to the Chrome Web Store. Click on My Extensions & Apps in the upper right corner.

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