Church Conference Themes

Topics of the Church Conference

Did you ever wish you could come up with a theme for your mission conference that would have more impact on your church? One church in every nation. One church in every nation. For example, he can speak about spiritual disciplines at a church conference on Friday/Saturday and then preach about another topic on Sunday morning. The conferences are not just for pastors or church leaders.

Topics of the Mission Conference

Did you ever wish you could come up with a topic for your ministry conference that would have more influence on your church? Do you ever wonder where other church have appeared with their ministry conference topics? Below is a shortlist of conference topics to help select a topic that will have an effect on the AMC.

Choosing the right topic is very important. Their topic gives orientation to both the narrator and those responsible for the musical programme. In addition, the decorating crew will have a basis on which to build the conference d├ęcor. There are several things to consider when selecting a topic.

First of all, you should consider the needs of your church at the conference date. When you feel a need for more praying, you need to stress praying through your subject. If your sponsorship of the mission is low, then you should choose a topic that keeps this from humans.

If you ask God to call more workers out of your church, select your topic accordingly. You may want to stress "vision", "sacrifice", "preaching", "church planting", "fruits of the harvest" or something particular that is on your mind.

Second, consider the themes and priorities of your past meetings. Choose another topic that will draw your particular interest to your next conference. Stay imaginative when it comes to your choice of topic. Third, you can support your topic with a specific paragraph or verses in script. Below is a shortlist of proposed sections that you can use when viewing specific topics.

Fourth, a well-chosen anthem with the focus of a missions can be used to select your subject. The anthem can be chanted at the beginning of each worship to recall the topic of the conference. Last but not least, think about praying about your topic. Though we offer a schedule to encourage your thoughts and creative thinking, it is imperative to prayer and ask for the Lord's guidance to select your topic.

You can use your topic to advertise the upcoming conference. Include it in your Bulletin and Conference Document. A PowerPoint can be designed so that it can be used at a particular time in the service. As soon as your topic is selected, you should consult all those participating in the conference.

Attendees should have enough time to schedule their part (messages, musical, decorative, etc.) around the conference topic. When you have a very gifted performer in the community, you can ask for a anthem or choir to be composed that specifically addresses the topic.

You can use the topics below as they are, or you can make a variant of one of the proposals. Hopefully there are some tracks you can use and others that will get your mind pumping with your own imaginative juice to create your own subject. If you have any other ideas, we would be happy to receive your comments and possibly include them in our mailing lists for the good of others.

When you find a section that seems perfect for a particular topic, let us know and we can include it in our listing. Any help you can give us that would benefit other church communities is welcome. Become part of the true military - go on mission! A mission or an omission?

God grant you blessings as you are praying and planning for the conference of your next outreach.

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