Church Directory Template

Template for the church directory

The Church Member Directory template allows users to upload their family photos. You can use this member directory template to organize your organization's employee information; it includes a notes section. We have developed our membership management tool specifically for your church needs. A template in Excel to be used when creating a church membership directory.

Community directory database software solution:

Directory of Church Membership

Below is the Church Membership Directory (template) available for your Church Council offices to downloading, customizing and printing..... Who is this church membership directory? The template below is a directory that will list all your parishioners with their individual information in a notebook, so that you can receive this information simply and conveniently if you need to call one of your parishioners, send an e-mail, a post, etc.

A number of churchs/organisations are printing and distributing a membership directory containing a list of all members and their contacts. Companies that normally produce directory printing are among them: You have two economic options for choosing the format of your church membership list printing sheet, either the regular format copy sheet (8. 5" x 11") or the smaller format (5. 5" x 8.5").

The Spiralbinder approach is used for many lists, unless you don't have a lot of members and have a relatively small number of pages, you may want to just staple the list together - it's up to your church or organisation for the end result you want in the list.

Below is a full-color member directory for a more sophisticated look, but of course you can modify the covers if you wish. Membership directory is built in Microsoft Office Word, so you can modify or adapt it to suit your community. Membership lists provide a great and easy way for directors and members to keep in contact with each other, and these membership lists can be grouped in any way you want.

Below I have provided some information about the Shepherdbase (database for church members) that I have made for my congregation. Now I have this data base available to help other church with an accessible and easy way to keep tracking the individual data of their members, posts, groups, meetings, presence and much more. Until I started Shepherdbase, my church couldn't allow itself the opportunity to pursue the kind of things we needed.

You can download the template for the free Church Membership Directory below. My purpose (Shepherdbase) is to give small church communities the opportunity to follow their membership, contribution, presence and much more! Buy Shepherdbase On Sale Right Now through September 30, 2018 By High Demand for ONLY $29. 99 (One Time Fee with Free Lifetime Upgrades).

Follow the dues of the church members and automatize the annual dues letters. Quickly and easily find church member information (birthday and jubilee bulletins, member name and telephone number) and more. Follow the presence of the church with fast instant messaging of presence records. Shavepherdbase is a very easy and user-friendly data base, but very efficient with a 100% guarantee of customer service.

For more information about Shepherdbase, click here. Please click on the links to get the membership list for churches: Back to the home page of the Church background check form.

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