Church Monthly Themes

Monthly themes of the church

The patterns of this tapestry in Unity Church are highlighted with the threads of monthly themes woven through our worship and programming. Every month we focus on a broad topic that is important for Unitarian Universalists in our personal and spiritual lives. Theological Monthly Topics - Unity Church - Unified A church's lifetime is a diverse fellowship of individuals, programmes, ministries and services. Emphasizing the pattern of this Unity Church wall carpet with the strings of monthly themes weaved through our adoration and coding. Those themes intensify our comprehension of our own beliefs and reinforce our relationships within the denomination.

Every new church year the monthly themes run after a three-year rhythm from September to June. There are many ways we investigate every topic in our adoration and newsletters, alliance groups, led study meetings and Wednesday night programmes, and in our church service offices, our literature magazine and our programmes and many other occasions.

Below are listed lists of resource for each topic.

Topic for Month

HE STATES AND STATES that God's nominations will lead us to the Lord's hidden place. Lord's name is a powerful turret. Jesus' name is the Lord's hidden place. In the name of Jesus every bend of the leg will bend and every tongues will profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

HE STATES AND STATES that God's nominations will lead us to the Lord's protection. It is the Lord's knowledge that protects us. This is the Lord's highest commandment, and no one will enter this safe room without the master code. We will be protected by our own knowledge and for those who care for it our knowledge will keep an eye on it.

We' re safe in the knowledge of God. HE STATES AND STATES that God's nominations will keep us in the Lord's shelter. Our sanctuary is the Lord's present. Because the Lord has pledged His present to us. When the Lord is for us, who can be against us? RECOGNISING AND DECLARATING that God's nominations will place us under the Lord's hands, our God.

Favor is made by the Lord's hands. These favours will be given to us in time of resistance, in time of starvation, in time of infertility, in time of challenge and in time of desperation. HE STATES AND STATES that God's nominations will elevate a level and put us in the Lord's protection screen.

Surely the LORD will protect us like the apples of his eyes. And the Lord is the trumpet or our redemption, our stronghold and the redeemer from violence. It is a sign for all who flee into Him in the name of Jesus Christ.

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