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Review for [Author is disabled] Church Suite There are many good reason to give this subject a five-star ranking.....

.. You answer my question quickly and are able to solve all problems. It' s also a great style with a lot of functions you can work with. Superb styling and really great customized customer service. Many functions and a great styling.

I had a issue with the topic, but the whole staff at weavnus worked on solving both my problems with the website and the issue as a whole. It looks gorgeous and is no more difficult to use than other designs I've bought. Requires a bunch of plug-in and WordPress system changes to work, but the plug-ins are contained and some useful commands are given.

That'?s a great subject. and after a year I had a beast. Incorrect placement of side bar and homily (with pictures, as masonry). Mistakes when putting the side bar from the page setup and not from FS when I insert it, it reduces the headline, so I had to turn off the side bar and insert the side bar with FS, and that's not the same one.

It is chaotic the text typ of the letters on the visually composed piece, it is not simple to put a blank between two sentences. It has many good things and has worked quite well for us throughout the year. Although I think that Wordpress topics are generally packed with tonnes of plugs (including this topic), I have scored 5 star for the overall look and especially for their proactive use.

Loving this church themed suite, I get time-consuming work done in half the while.

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Design is lacking the styles. bss stylesheet. Topic installation fails... What's going on? First you have to open this zipped archive, and in it you will find the zipped archive of the topic itself, and read the topic dokumentation will show you.... After installation of the topic, please obey these instructions:

What is the procedure for topic licencing? Do I have the right to test the themes in front of the website? In terms of Themeforest regulations, each Topic Buy Licence is for only one Topic and to place it in another Topic you will need a different Buy Key. Select Aussehen > Plugins installieren, then select the plugin and activate Kontakt Form 7.

I' ve upgraded the design, but the build tool is still an old one. Disable it in your WordPress administration area and then remove it. Then reinstall it via Appearance>Implace Plugins and eventually enable it. In this way you get the latest available release of your version of Visual Composer. Seems that when using the head menus it falls into 2 rows, how can they always stay on one row?

The header contains two sections: Logotype and Menus. If your menus do not match the desired width due to lack of room (high number of menus approx..... In order to co-ordinate WordPress with your servers, you only need to do a few things. Those configuration help you to better use WordPress and topics.

Can' t find my order number, where can I find it? 3- Find the topic for which you want the Buy ID and click the Download icon next to it. There are two ways to update: with the envelope WordPress toolkit plugin: And if you haven't already done so, go to Appearance > Apply Plugins and download and enable this plug-in It will require you to have an envato market interface.....

I' m upgrading my website / my subject, but it says that I need a Visual Compose licence key to get the latest release. You have only one user licence for the topic itself. There is a user-defined copy of the Visual Compose, please do not try to upgrade the software any more. We' ll refresh it with our topic.

Licenses Plug-ins You can disregard any warnings about "Update" or "Authorize this page". We will upgrade the topic with the latest plugin release each times the Plug-ins have received a new one. So, the plugs are only contained in the topic, we cannot share them..... Which are the best WordPress/ PHP-Preferences? Cannot use HTML in topic boxes.

This is because all field names are subject to ThemeForest rule and are esc_html for safety purposes. If you have duplicate menus or have not imported them after you have imported the demonstration, you should go to "Theme Option > Demonstration Importer" and "Re-Import".

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