Church Themes for 2015

Ecclesiastical themes for 2015

It' s worth looking at a custom church design for your organization or customer. theme libraries WorldPress 4. All of our topics and plug-ins were thoroughly reviewed before the releases and we were able to identify some problems that needed to be solved. That' s why we have published updated versions of all our topics to make things run seamlessly on your community website. Church Content plug-in does not require an upgrade as it is already WordPress 4.

9 compliant.

A groundbreaking wallpaper in our Saved and Maranatha themes. One and Maranatha one and a half. All our topics have been updated. While some of the changes are related to WordPress and browser interoperability, it is important to upgrade your design. To see what enhancements have been made, please check the change log for your topic.

There is nothing more interesting for us than to develop a new WordPress topic for the Church. It is our most demanding WordPress topic - and yet it is as simple to use as our current series. Resurrection topic upgraded to 2.2 (see changelog). Corrects a problem with the background image in the customizer.

WorldPress 4. Section 7 contained changes for which the topic was not ready. Topics of the best community WordPress follows norms and best practice. You do this by using a WordPress plug-in such as Church Content to prevent the topic from snapping into place. Subject lock-in is a frequent issue that most WordPress subject purchasers in the Church know nothing about.

It is the aim of this paper to introduce you to the best WordPress topics of the Church - those that prevent this issue. If a Church WordPress topic is created according to best practice, your church-centric contents such as messages, meetings, people, and places will be linked to a plug-in instead of the topic itself.

Just think of your contents vanishing when you change topics. Instead, the contents should be linked to a plug-in that stays activated when switching to another topic that support it. Wallpaper was the most popular option for our WordPress topic of the Maranatha Church. I am pleased to inform you that this tool is complete and available for you to include on your church website.

Quite a number of new functions and enhancements for all our church WordPress themes have been finalized. We' ve been concentrating on topic upgrades for the past few weeks after making a number of card enhancements to our plug-in. Among the new functions are a preacher index and subpage styles for Exodus and Resurrection (by Maranatha) as well as a register events for all topics icon.

We' ve also upgraded our example contents to give you a better point of departure for your community website. Here is a brief overview of the innovations in the topics. We' ve published all topic update and the Church Topic Inhalt Plugin, on which all our topics are based. One of the primary purposes of these upgrades is to allow you to type in your Google Maps API key.

Our themes and plug-ins have all been refreshed. These changes contain small enhancements and bugfixes. From Dashboard > Updates, you can upgrade. It is recommended to always use the latest versions of your themes, plug-ins and WordPress to get a more robust and safe website. When you have not upgraded to WordPress 4.

This is a good moment (our themes and plug-ins are compatible).

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