Church Themes for the year

Ecclesiastical themes for the year

To build our lives on Jesus Christ is the only way to withstand the storms of life. Monthly spiritual themes provide the framework for our worship services and our discussion guides for the Covenant Group. With any medium, artists illustrate a Thanksgiving theme. Every theme is set in relation to God's calling to our lives.

There are five ways to integrate a church topic throughout the year

Every year at the Lancaster Baptist Church, on the first Sunday in January, we unveil to our church families a new written topic for the new year. It is a topic that comes from much praying and preparing that has taken place since six or seven month before the New Year.

Normally in June or July I have selected the topic for the following year. I' m sharing the topic with our employees in August. Then in January I present the topic of our church group. However, yearly church topics, such as New Year' intentions, can remain on the sidelines after the first few week of the year.

At my core is that our topic will be incorporated into every facet of our church lives over the next twelve month. Somehow our awakening, our giving, our camping grounding, our meetings - all in service - fit this topic. Indeed, over the years these themes have become ecclesiastical guides for the path of our Church's way of believing.

People who have been with Lancaster Baptist for several years or more can combine their own personal development with the remembrance of these issues. When there is a topic that you want to bring into your church in January that comes from a biblical reality that God has placed on your hearts, focusing on that topic can be of spiritual benefit to your church community throughout the year.

These are five ways you can integrate your yearly church topic into the daily routine of your church: By Preaching - Our topic for 2017 was "By grace", taken from 2 Corinthians 9:8. Last year many of our sermons were held under the motto of how God's mercy works in our daily life.

Among the songs were "Begin with Grace", "A Merciful Steward", "The Family Fulfilled with Grace", "Portraits of Grace" and "Be Powerful in Grace". "Even this past week, when I was preaching the Christmas tale for the thirty-second year in the same church, we will be looking specifically at "The Mercy of Christmas" and see how God revealed His mercy through comings.

While not every preaching session is focused on the church topic, it is a great opportunity to focus on that topic. By Teaching - During the first three month of each year, all of our Bible courses for adults are taught on Sunday according to a uniform syllabus for the new topic.

It allows us as a church familiy to investigate how this topic applies to our life and will affect every area of our work. Special Services - As a rule, our January Renewal and Autumn Mission s conferences have the same themes as our Church Themes. The spiritual leadership meeting in June will also have the same topic.

By giving each and every fountain, our church families give a particular offer for on-going service through Campusvelopment. This is all thematized around the Church's topic of the year. By Outreach - Because the object of the church is Christ's Great Commission, any mental increase or emphasis in our life is never just about us as individuals.

Every Bible topic we have study has been translated into the effects it has on our Christian testimony throughout the year and at specific times of evangelism for our churchfamilies. I hope these thoughts will help you as you look to the new year. Below are the yearly topics that we have used in the last thirty-one years.

Maybe these could be a help to you as you ask for directions for your church next year.

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