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Marketing professional qualifications | CIM Your qualification is imparted through an accredited study centre global ecosystem so that you can study in a way that fits your life style - from single modules to full qualification. Allows you to grasp the roles of marketers and how the marketer' s blend is used to meet customers' needs. Perfect if you want to start your own company or start your own one.

Concentrates on the strategy development phase of the campaign, enabling you to assess your business performance against critical market indicators and gain insight to make better business choices. Evolves imaginative, groundbreaking and enterprising strategies to address the multinational market opportunities required by multinational companies. I am always looking proactively for marketer skills as an employee when checking my CV.

My studies at CIM allowed me to acquire the true skills of true advertising and to create a way of thinking. CIM' s Leadership Programme is a great strengthening of best practices. I have been a different person since I graduated with two CIM job skills and my credentials as an accredited employee of CIM have really expanded my CV.

Using what I learned, I was able to put it into my actual roles and really understand the different aspects of it. The diploma in Professional Management allowed me to pursue a rather strategical attitude in my work. This has given me a broader perspective on how to plan my sales and what my customers are trying to do.

If I hadn't received the CIM professional recruiting certificate, I think my recruiting would not have advanced so fast. All my professionalism with the CIM certificate in professional merchandising has been priceless. I have always been interested in how individuals think, act and the psychological aspects of advertising, and as a young, 19-year-old sales person, CIM enables me to open the door to my own futures.

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