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Take your design to the next level with Cinema 4D, the fastest and easiest 3D animation solution. MAXON Computer GmbH in Germany developed CINEMA 4D, a 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, and rendering application. The Cinema 4D Studio is the best MAXON has to offer for professional 3D artists. The Cinema 4D is the ideal professional 3D solution for demanding 3D graphics. CINEMA 4D is designed to teach you how to use CINEMA 4D, from beginners to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials conducted by industry experts.


Take your designs to the next level with Cinema 4D, the world' fast and most user-friendly 3-D motion graphics software. Cinema 4D's friendly user experience and excellent user experience make it simple to get up and running. Easily adapt Cinema 4D to your workflows, with close integration with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, CAD software, and more, and supports industry-standard interchange workflows.

Thanks to the smooth workflows and the extensive set of tools in Cinema 4D, your creative output will grow. Get a demonstration today and explore the capabilities of the 4th dimension.

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MAXON Computer GmbH in Germany develops CINEMA 4D, a 3-D modelling, animation, motion, graphical, and rendered software solution. Currently, MAXON offers four variants: a central CINEMA 4D'Prime' app, a broadcasting release with added motion dynamics capabilities, Visualize with added architecture capabilities, and Studio with all available components.

In 2014, the fifth Lite was released, which comes with Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud 2014 and is an entry-level product without many capabilities. It is part of a new relationship between the two organizations in which a new plug-in developed by MAXON known as CINEWARE allows each variation to seamlessly build a After Effects work flow.

Lite is dependant on After Effects CC, which requires the latter to be launched, and is available only as a packaged version of After Effects CC, which is available in AE CS 2014 via Adobe. Originally, CINEMA 4D was designed for Amiga machines in the early 90s, and the first three releases of the software were available exclusive to this operating group.

MAXON also started to create the v4 for Windows and Macintosh machines because of the desire to appeal to a broader public and the increasing unstability of the Amiga computer industry following Commodore's insolvency. Until release 11. 5, Cinema 4D had a module based solution for the task, with the possibility to extend the main task with different module.

It ended with release 12, although the functionalities of these module in the different variants of Cinema 4D (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) have been retained: From 2014 [Update], these alternate Rendering Engine and Connectors are currently available as plug-ins for CINEMA 4D: Blender's Cycles Renderer 4D, which was taken over for Maxon Cinema 4D by Insydium LTD, the manufacturers of XP articles.

This is the best XParticle renderer to integrate. The FastRay (first name of CINEMA 4D) is available for the Amiga. The CINEMA 4D V1 is available for the Amiga. CINEMA 4D V1.5 and 2 are published for the Amiga. CINEMA 4D version 2.1 and 3.0 for the Amiga available. CINEMA 4D is scheduled to be ported to the Windows operating system.

The CINEMA 4D V4 for Windows, Alpha NT, Macintosh and Amiga is out. CINEMA 4D's first multiprocessor release is out. Developing a production-level release begins with the integration of the latest technology. Cinema 4D for Amiga, V4.2, has just been updated to the latest release. CINEMA 4D XL V5, the first production-ready release, is out.

The CINEMA 4D SE V5 is approved. The CINEMA 4D GO V5 and CINEMA 4D NET are presented. The CINEMA 4D XL V6 is published. The BodyPaint 3-D is offered as an embedded application for CINEMA 4D and as a stand-alone application for other 3-D software bundles. The CINEMA 4D ART is presented. The PyroCluster and Dynamics Module will be presented.

The CINEMA 4D XL R7 is delivered all over the world. Maxon incorporates the Almond Fragrance Tree Fragrance Tree Enhancement System from Banner. The CINEMA 4D R8 is available with a built-in system. The CINEMA 4D R8.5 is available. The BodyPaint 2D is presented. Presentation of the Sketches and Toon modules. The CINEMA 4D R9 is approved. The CINEMA 4D R9.5 release has been made.

The HAAR modul is presented. The CINEMA 4D R9.6 release has been made. The MoGraph modul is presented. The CINEMA 4D version 10 with BodyPaint 3-D is available. The CINEMA 4D is the first 3-D imaging solution to be Universal Binary for Apple's new Intel-based Macs (before Apple Universal Binary releases its own software).

This 1 will be published in March in reaction to the issue Maxon has received from reviewers and contributors. Released 111 to fix several issues that have been notified, such as instability. THE CINEMA 4D R10. Version 5 has been published and contains MOCCA and MoGraph upgrades as well as an HAIR optimizer. The CINEMA 4D R11 is out now.

The CINEMA 4D software package fully embraces the 64-bit Apple G5 and Intel-based Macs. New Global Illumination implementations (included in the Advanced Render module) offer higher levels of performance than the old versions and significantly enhanced rendering capabilities. Renderman functionality (CINEMAN) is now available in AR. THE CINEMA 4D R11.

Release 5. Complete 3-D Apple Motion and enhanced Adobe After Effects capabilities. Export stereoscopic images and XRefs to Motion and After Effects, as well as the possibility to add solid images to map videos to 3-D interfaces. The CINEMA 4D version 12 is out. Introduction of a linear work flow with proper representation in the OGL.

Dual accuracy computation implemented and real entities. Launch of CINEMA 4D R13. A morph and movement cameras. Generate a realistic vibrant movement of the image.

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