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This tutorial shows you how to create a realistic ocean rendering in Kino 4d. This tutorial will show you some ways to create ocean, water or waves in Cinema 4D, including the free HOT4D plugin, which is absolutely incredible! With HOT4D you can create Ocean that looks real. I decided to almost "copy/paste" the code so that cinema4D users can access this tool.

Cinema 4D - Infinite Ocean VR 1.6 - Create your own landscapes, plugins & models in Cinema 4D

The Infinite Ocean is an easy-to-use add-on for Cinema 4D that lets anyone quickly create a boundless ocean or large aquatic environment from a single shot. Infinite Ocean makes you instantly prolific without having to wait forever to see your renderings or use it. The IO 1.4 is a shift-based utility that is very lightweight for system resource and offers a flat learn curve, yet delivers high performance results with adjustable controls to manage undulation magnitude and seafoam cover and cover qualities.

The Infinite Ocean is not an annoying particle-based plug-in that will take forever to master, use and render. Just click on the plug-in you want to use. Can' put Infinite Ocean in a flask and rock it around. Likewise, you cannot generate a tube shaped shaft that hits an Animated Surfing device within the pipe (at least not yet).

Use HOT4D to realistically recreate ocean effects in HOT4D.

With the free HOT4D or Houdini Ocean Toolkit you can add some impressive aquatic or ocean visual impact to your game. HOT4D was initially a plug-in for Houdini, developed by Drew Whitehouse on the basis of Jerry Tessendorf papers, but HOT4D was processed into a C4D plug-in by Valkaari. It is still a long way from a 1.0 release, but it can be very useful.

Here Bob Walmsley, 3-D visualizer, goes through the creation of ocean visuals with HOT4D in C4D. Learn how to set up the marine motion, texture the interface, render the scenes, and composit in After Effects. Learn how to use the After effects tool to create your own animations. The Houdini Ocean Toolkit, if you've never used it in Cinema 4D before, is a great clock to get you up and running quickly.

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With HOT4D you can make Ocean that looks genuine. is Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It is a Houdini plug-in developed by Drew Whitehouse and built on Jerry Tessendorf tissue backing. Allows you to make a superficial ocean that looks like a profound ocean. I' ve chosen to almost "copy/paste" the source file so that cinema4D user can use it.

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