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Wordpress Cinema Theme

To create visual impressions that inspire the viewer is an essential part of the success of the cinema website. The Cinema is a premium WordPress theme that represents an ode to the magical world of film. The Specto - Cinema WordPress Theme by kleverthemes A fast-reacting boatstrap WordPress theme, the Specto is perfect for any filmmarketing, cinema or home cinema website. WordPress is perfect for any stand-alone cinema, any cinema or any display case for trailers. This theme contains all the necessary items to create a professionally attractive website for your public and will present your business as professionally and innovatively.

WordPress Cinema & Film Theme by CodePassenger

The BigShow - Film / Cinema Theme is a Responsive WordPress Bootstrap Film Theme for the creation of movies, videos, media and cinema websites. While this is a special site for any type of web site related to videos. The BigShow is a great responsive WordPress movies and videos theme. Can be used for various types of video-related websites.

The BigShow has a home page, a current film page, an upcoming film, a TV show listing, prominent sites and newsgroups. The BigShow is fast reacting, networkable and multi-device capable. It' created with Drag&Drop Visual Composer Page Builder, Bootstrap Framework, HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress Virginity.

Film and Cinema WordPress Theme of AmyMovie by AMYTHHEME

It is a fully reactive WordPress theme developed for film web pages. A versatile, contemporary and pro-quality user experience with neat coding makes your movies pages efficient, appealing and user-friendly. Easily get your movies from the TMDb and WMDb webpages. Visitors can even enjoy the stunning functions of the showtime, which allow them to get the film plans in the various theaters in just a few seconds.

Paginator for WordPress $34. Breadcrumb NavXT: SendChimp for WordPress: WordPress Option Framework is a light and simple to use framework. Shows films, articles with many layout, style and effect types. AppyMovie Theme Option are overall preferences that allow you to create customized websites without programming. Those choices are valid for every page or posting on your site unless they are overwritten by page or posting choices.

Supports 5 kinds of moduls, so you can easily insert modules: text, link, menu, WP log-in or social list to topbar and copyright part. Easily customizable link for films, theaters, cast and director. Raster, list and masonry layouts. Select the overall layouts and functions for the General Movie Pages (Show Comment, Allow Rating, Restrict Films on Find Page) and Genre Pages (Select Sidebar, Layouts, Show/Hide Number of Films per Page, and Page Splitting).

When you have a programming obsession, there is an engine that allows you to customize your own style sheets and javascript, and of course it is optionally available. You can use the links in your movie to view the films or contributions in different genres. Here are the choices that will help you sort the movies/posts by date, publication date.

Films/ Post-ID. Films/ Post Views, Rates. Using the short cuts in AriMovie, you can assign a feature for show time to each film, as well as a show time page and a film rating page. It is also possible to activate filtering modules and searching modules for films, actresses, directors and cinema on your web pages. Watch the Amy Movie Blog: Enables you to view your blogs with 2 beautiful style entries and order the contributions according to your wishes.

The Amy Movie Carousel: Enables you to show several films at once, unlike a regular slideshow. While there is only one lay-out, you can adjust the number of films shown on the film. The Amy Movie Grid: The Movie Grid Styles have 4 different lieouts and you can specify the number of column and the number of films per page.

The Amy Movie List: Enables you to view films in listing mode. Choose how many films are displayed per page and show or hide the page break and filtering modules. The Amy Movie Metro Gallery: When you click it, the picture appears in the pop-up window. The Amy Movie Rate List:

Enables you to schedule films with the number of tariffs, point prices and star rating. Browse the best ranked films. Watch Amy movie search: Enables moviegoers to easily browse films by film name, cinema, actors or directors. It'?s Amy movies showtime: Enables attendees to receive the cinema programs (date, time) in a specific cinema.

Watch Amy movieslide: Enables the viewing of films on the transparency, a film for a transparency. Soon, cunning, Comment. The Amy film module. Allows adding banner ads, affiliate lists, nomarem text/ link to side bar. Allows you to insert the Contacts page, the comment lists to the side bar.

Allows you to append the movie/post lists to the side bar. Permit the addition of the Soon Coming module to your side bar. Disguise the comments box or allow/disallow the viewer to post comments on the film. Type Ingb Review, Miscellaneous, and faculty for the show. You can see the number of pictures and video clips on the Movie Detail page.

Include as many theaters as possible to show the film. It is also possible to select the date and precise hour at which the film will be shown. This information is displayed on the Showstime part. Pick genres, actors and directors for the film. Adds film banners and film posters. Supports three page layout for movies detail (left side bar, right side bar or full width).

Simply select the side bar for the page Detail Details. If you select the topic item, the user will be able to vote for the film. Viewctor/ Directors/ Genre on the respective pages. Details page Actor/Director shows the actors films listed. Under Topic choices, you can select the number of films per page on the genre page from among those listed under Topic choices, and you can select the genre page with or without sidebars.

Type in the brief cinema name. Added cinema banners options. Added the cinema galleries options. Galerie is shown in roundabout fashion. Include additional information (cinema adress, telephone, website, e-mail). Allows the addition of Google Maps of the cinema site on the cinema details page. On the The movie detail page, Showtime allows users to choose the cinema showing the film, then the date and precise hour will appear on that cinema.

In the list of films layouts, the feature shown allows the visitor to see the amount of times the film is shown in the cinema on that particular date. In the film grid lay-out, the Displaytime feature allows you to accurately display the hour and minute at which the film will be shown with the show on that particular date. This means that it will help to know which films will be shown on that particular date.

Please be aware that only the films shown on that date contain the amount of elapsed working hours on their poster. On the Showtime: visitor page you can choose the films => choose the cinema and the date and hour will be displayed. Enables the viewing of the movie schedule with only the tariff information (number of voices, point rating, stars rating).

Easily created films with the "Order by" button. Configure a single page or define user-defined category per page using the AmyMovie Blogs link. Supports three layout for your overall blogs page (grid, lists, masonry) and supports two blogs layout for user-defined category per page with the link AmyMovie Blogs.

Any layout can have the right side bar, the right side bar or the right one. Enables you to include a beautiful lookup engine in the headline. Supports 1 - 10 footer Spalten, inserts any widget in any footer pillar (add style symbols, post lists, customized menus, contacts modules, newsletters modules and more).

You can use the Google Map online application on the cinema detail page. You can use a side bar with your Contacts team. Add Mailchimp plug-in support to your mailinglist. Specify the globale page bar for genre detail pages and blogs posts. Specify the individual side bar for each page or contribution. Neue Kurzwahl 2 - Film carousel 1.

Neue Kurzwahl 2 - Film carousel 2. Neue Kurzwahl 2 - Film carousel 3. A new abbreviation has been added 2 - Movie Grid. A new abbreviation has been added to the Movie List 2. Updated short code 2 - Showtime 1. Updated short code 2 - Showtime 2. Updated short code 2 - Showtime 3. Updated short code 2 - Showtime 4.

A new abbreviation has been added to the Trailer List 2. A new abbreviation has been added 2 - Gallery Carousel. A new abbreviation has been added to the Gallery Grid2. A new abbreviation has been added 2 - Header. Added new user-defined boxes (person, categorie, text) film in the theme settings. Added new standard field film in the theme settings. Added new side bar defaults for a standalone side film in Theme Option.

Added a new radio button for the Individual Film page in the Theme Settings. Added new page heading listing items to topic items. A new system show time for individual films. Topic choices of the utilities theme. Individual user interface movies settings. Select the picture for the film if you are sharing your friends via Twitter and on Facebook. Confict speech between theme and plug-in Amy Extend movies.

View videos and photos in a separate film on the page. Displays abbreviations for dropdown boxes. In-depth assessment in a film. Displays film information on a unique film page. WordPress 4.9 compatibility. Starting and ending date of the film. Optional to launch films today, play now, come soon and old film. Select this item to show the number of recent films.

Note the bug when you import film. The show duration for a film cannot be saved. Cinema searching doesn't work. Purchase your own tickets by clicking the buy tickets icon in the film show area. The section about the last films is at the bottom of each film page. Show films item on the results page. Incorrect number of videos and pictures on a film page.

Immediate import film. Customize colour settings for topics like top bar, headers, menu items and copyrights. Kid theme for adjustment. The ratings are higher than 5. Fix. The page break function does not work if you filter in the Filmlist link. Soon available Filmlist and Raster Shortcuts feature. Added the Show Time short form to view films played today, every single date, or shortly.

Optional to enable/disable show time. The layout settings for the page of the cinematic art. Optional to show/hide the logon in the head area. WrodPress date style for the dateilter. The date is not displayed properly for some language versions. Incorrect appearance of the upcoming wideget. Advertisement evaluation 2 x on the film page. Displays the evaluation of the film. I. M. D. Film Importer.

  • A very important fast response display.

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