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CityMax editor's bad. Create CityMax websites in a form-based editor that does not display a live preview of the website. The rooms in the Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai are equipped with designer furniture and thick luxury mattresses.

The CityMax Review: Obsolete and boring

Citymax editor's terrible. Creating CityMax Web sites in a form-based publisher that does not display a real-time Web site previews. Part of the problem with this kind of text is that you can't make a visual page. Rather, you need to make a page with a template (on the right) and then click a site thumbnail to see what it looks like.

Generate your website by attaching different pages. Picture galleries, video and cards should be items that you can mix and match on a single page - but with CityMax you can only have one of them on a single page. CityMax promotes affiliate pages, but above all it means that you can include a page design named Messaging Boards that allows registered members to sign up and posts to a messaging boards.

That' quite limited - for example, you can't even make personal pages for members. CityMax has a complete e-commerce system, but does not contain any functions to assist donors (e.g. an on-site cash register and customisable e-mail receipts). There are many topics, but most topics have a very simple (and somewhat outdated) touch.

Others seem very forgetful (right). A big part of the reasons why these topics seem so outdated is that CityMax doesn't have webfaces. Rather, you are restricted to 7 system typefaces (fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial). Nowadays webfaces are used on every website - CityMax has to participate!

While there are some adjustment possibilities for templates, the adjustments are made in a seperate box and there is no real-time previews of the changes you make. that you call her to reverse it. The only thing anyone would have to do to "close" your site is call CityMax and ask them to abort your site.

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