All you need for a complete classified solution is no paid plugins. Classifications - Classifieds WordPress subject from desiginvento ClassiAds has been devoted a great deal of attention and diligence so that it is a delight to use it. We' ve painstakingly designed this topic by hand-with a sharp emphasis on type, ease of use and overall ease of use. PROPLINS: Three plug-ins are needed and others are suggested, the decision is yours whether you want them or not.

Their design will work perfectly without them. There is no chargeable plug-in necessary, which means that we make available all current plug-in upgrades with the topic upgrades. This does not mean that we will be providing a licence for the plug-ins, as they are third-party plug-ins. Please note: We do not offer our services for illicit and mature sites.

When you are interested in buying our topic, you can get help, but not. corrected a catastrophic bug when the list plug-in was deactivated. Please note that Classiads 4x is a fully rewritten full featured skeleton software suite built on top of our existing Page Builder, please make a full back -up before you upgrade Classiads from 3x to 4x, please refer to the installation manual for the new set-up....

We have added a completely new classification release.

Conversation about classifications - Classifieds WordPress Topic

The reply period of this writer can be up to 2 working hours. Hello, sorry for the delay, sorry for the delay, but you are not only a client, the technical staff solves your issues according to the queuing system. We' ve already talked about our reply times and our contact times. Hello, it's been more than 3 and a half years since we waited for an reply to our 1719991 ticket...we thought you would be in your technical department and unfortunately we are skipped?

Must I have doubts about the performance of your teams? Hello, yes, I see that there has been an response for a few moments (after 3 days). I' m just asking myself the state of my tickets. I' ve waited many long week for a solution. Reinstall, only the changes to my kernel file were made by the designer group.

We see that we reply to your questions from now on, it is not a customer service tool, and each question is handled according to the queuing system. If you are patient, we will reply to your request. Okay, I'm just disappointed since it's been so many week on this subject.

Personally, I am planning to renew my assistance, but I would like this problem to be solved first, as I had assistance in submitting this one. Hello Kkoni, hello, for such a pro-theme, I am exceedingly frustrated by the reply time. A request that was asked last Friday and today we still have no reply. Is it a policy to expand your assistance? why do you have more than three day time and we are still unresponded to our easy one?

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