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WordPress classified topic allows users to publish their ads on your site with ease. Only with a few simple steps can you have your own classified location. ClassiCraft at the top of the list.

classifieds listings Wordpress theme ClassiCraft -FREE DOWNLOAD

The ClassiCraft is Ad Listings WordPress theme that allows the users to post their ads either for free or for a fee, this theme is very much appreciated by the various classifieds Wordpress people. With ClassiCraft you can add this theme from our theme Shop Ading Ad Classic Ad Listings to help you more boost your company. You can add classic ad classifieds to your website. You can add classic ad listings to your website with various theme such as car sales or purchase of a website, property website, jobs sites etc. Also you can add classifieds such as advertisements for a company with this free classic ad listings WordPress theme ClassiCraft.

The ClassiCraft is a high-performance word-press theme for creating advertising entries and offers a very easy way to monetise your website. The ClassiCraft is a fully reactive design that can be adapted to any mobile phone or tablet. The ClassiCraft Payment feature allows you to create profit from your ad placement.

ClassiCraft' features allow you to view advertisements on the front page sliders either payed or unpaid. Post every ad entry with socially identifiable symbols. The users can split their ad entry on socially identifiable sites to advertise their advertisements.

Earn cash by submitting ads with ClassiCraft. With Classified Adisting WordPress Theme Classicraft you can easily earn cash with ad placement. A feature list of your chargeable entry will be displayed. They can also be disbursed by premiums ads and banner ads. The website created with ClassiCraft can be watched on any mobile phone and its monitor is suitable for mobile phones ortables.

There is an integral feature for the users to enter their offers. Classed can be displayed using Google address Maps. Support all types of currencies in pay ed advertisements.

WordPress Theme Review ClassiCraft : Demo + ClassiCraft Bonus

What is the ClassiCraft WorldPress Theme? The ClassiCraft is a new theme from Worpress that has been conceived in such a way that it has great promise of offering serious competitors to other classed web monsters like Craigslist, OLX, Ebay, etc. You know, searching engine ranked sites and research says that 20+ million people visit these sites in a single months, with this amount of free web site visit, you are obliged to make huge gains.

The only thing you need to do is integrate your affilate promotions, leads, PPCs and advertisements into your ClassiCraft theme. Trust me, the number of sites ranked is very low and therefore you get virtually no rivalry and 100% opportunity to generate a dependable revenue stream. So without waste your precious valuable hours and money, you get lifelong exposure to this prolific WordPress theme and see your on-line businesses flourish.

ClassiCraft WordPress Theme is designed so that even a novice can finish the set-up up. Speaking of functionality: The ClassiCraft theme offers a variety of functions on its homepage: The theme also wraps - in a leading capturing system, so that you can expand your e-mail list for e-mail marketing effective.

Finally, ClassiCraft allows you to publish your affilate leads, promotions, PPCs and other advertisements, resulting in excellent sales growth. With ClassiCraft you can create: general promotional sites like OLX, CraigsList or Ebay, jobs sites, property web sites, autos & autos and more.

Opportunities with this topic are endless. The only thing you have to do is set up your own shop idea/niche, deploy it, publish it on the Internet and become the next ranked revel. Now, you may be asking yourself, how can this easy topic make $1000+ dollars in profit? Now, it allows you to publish multiple ads, PRPCs, Affiliate listings and dealers on your home page, causing your traffic to buy them along with your ad serving service.

Below are some of the functions that the theme offers: widgettized footer section for video, etc.. Plus many more extended functions.... In order to overpower your prospective clients, the theme includes a FREE infobar plug-in and 16 processable, multiple-size poster pictures. #3 Bonus: Ez Lead Pages : Incentive #4: Fans Page Pro: Quickly build Fb fansites without technical knowledge directly from your WP administration area.

Bonuses #5: FB Connect Program: Make your own Facebook Connections lists. Seven bonus: FR Survey Pro: Generate eye-popping time-line polls, provide visitor excitement and link to key auto responders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact for leaderscoring. Incentive #9: Generate breathtaking Facebook page art without Photoshop that is simple to use in the WP admin area.

Bonuses #10: Spotlight Niche Book: The absolutely quickest way to turn any blogs into resellable PDF eBooks. Bonuses #12: Savings Engine: Easy plug-in for creating point and click pages with full line edit capabilities and WYSIWYG icon bar. Bonuses #13: OptinPro timeline: FB creates phone-in pages that are virally opt-in - 100% adjustable.

#17: WP Like pop : For any information about ClassiCraft WordPress Theme that you would like to share with us, you can drop your ClassiCraft WordPress Theme Review below. Get your ClassiCraft WordPress Theme Bonuses!

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