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Browse this classicraft Wordpress theme review and get our classicraft bonus! WordPress Classified Topic Listings - ClassiCraft Classed sites are very much loved on the web for the generation of a large amount of website traffics and periodic passiv incomes. So you want to re-plicate the concept for your secret nook? ClassiCraft WordPress Theme is a great way to boost your company by building a website for ad listings. Not only does Multi-Purpose Response Model let you build a ranked website in different slots, it also allows you to generate a good return with more than one commercial concept.

How to quickly build a commercial website for the sale and purchase of articles, homes, vehicles, occupation, hotel, apartments, job, computer, rentals, ticketing, trips, etc.. WordPress rated topic allows your customers to easily place their advertisements on your website. Every shopkeeper, advertisers or a regular visitor can place the ad on your efficient classifieds site.

Advertisements can be sent free of charge or as a bonus. And if he goes for premier ad listings, it would be advantageous for both. Users get a long view of the ad on your ranked website and you are rewarded for approval. Column artwork is built into the high security PayPal & PayFast gateway to receive money on-line.

They can retrieve this ad fee either in a repeating or a one-time bundle. Classifieds can be displayed in any kind of currencies like Euro, US Dollar, INR without any problems. A further option to collecting a safe deposit is Payfast, which immediately carries out the transactions between you and the advertiser. Categorization provides an easy way for website users to find the exact item they are looking for, a slide bar that allows you to display all your prime advertisements directly on the front page.

With this WordPress ad theme, you can extract any type of ad collection from a WordPress ad list using names of countries, cities, states, entities, or articles, and you can also browse by any particular type of transaction. Just like when a user is looking for a refrigerator, couch or other piece of home furnishings, they can quickly sort and sort the results for all the items they are looking for directly from the toolbar of your website in their favorite town or state.

You can use the built-in FREE and Premium Ad listings leads entry forms to establish the communications link between your customers and ad holders. You can use the forms with every ad, which will help both you and the advertiser to get more and more Leads. This topic is perfect for a list of all types of companies or activities on a regional or worldwide scale.

User-defined Widget for displaying entries, user ratings, etc.

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