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Members can view all ads free of charge. Non-members can file ads for a nominal fee. Sides - classifieds While some of the cookie types are indispensable, others help us to enhance your experiences by giving insight into how you use the site. This website uses the necessary cookie such as sessions, preferential and safety cookie. Without these cookie the website cannot operate correctly and can only be deactivated by a change of the settings of the browser.

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Using this plugin, your free classifieds can be created in the manner of a Craigslist. Classifieds can fall into one or more category (s) (e.g. "for sale", "buy") classified as taxiing. The classified ad listings are fully sorting and customisable, with or without views. Automated alerts notify the user of the state of his ads: half-life, nearing expiration, elapsed, pending cleanup, cleaned,.....

Extended elapsed advertisements during the respite Recommended version are 7.x-3. and the latest 7.x-3. x dev releases. A lot of different add-on moduls are available. Extended Help: The classified help file is provided in Advance Help form, so you will need this plugin to view the on-line help.

CCK: If you want to see extra information in your ads (e.g. price, color, size, etc.), you should install/use the CCK (Content Construction Kit) modules. You can use this plugin to insert a field into your Classified Ad contents as well as to modify the order of the field and the ad layout.

Markup: If you want the user to be able to select an ad as a favorite, you should install/use the markup engine. In principle, you can use this modul to add any number of tags or markers to highlight contents. If you have set up many classifieds to organize your classified ads, you can install/use Hierarchical Select to allow the user to make as many selections as possible in the category trees.

To give more versatility to the small ad entry system, install/use the Better Formats plug-in. You can use this modul to define the standard size per roll or per contentsetype. They can also be used to suppress size peaks. In fact, you can fully adjust the way the format information is displayed.

If you want to have an admin console to manage your contents in presentation, you should use/install the modules that are part of it. Using this plugin, you can view, authorize or reject previewed contents and post news to the writer about your choices. At least one forum of the modul is available to change some of its behaviors:

Graded optimizations, to be found on Github. Neither of the latest releases is intended for a multi-lingual website. The adoption of a unique page locale exists throughout the codebase and will not be changed in 7.x-3.x. You have created a great page with the classifieds engine ? 7.x-3. x now only in the safety function.

2015-01-15 - 7.x-3. It is a secure version, so all websites with previous releases should update to it. 2014-08-24 - 7.x-3. 1-ß1 and 7.x-3. You now need the Tokens-Modul. Zero and 7.x-3. It does not maintain features parity with the latest kernel releases (7. x / 8. x). It is recommended that customers perform an update before this date.

Classifieds are currently managed by the OSInet - only in the 7. 3 subsidiary.

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