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High-quality classifieds software for creating a classifieds website. High-performance, flexible and fast php classifieds script. Classified Ads Software - PHP Classified Ads Script Unparalleled liberty and exceptional strength...

.. Classified ad software provides SEO-friendly URLs, custom and societal tagging, reporting, and the capability to create metab descriptions, metrics, tag keys, and title of ads with fields. When you want to create a new kind of ads like bicycles or handbags with your own form, category and ads, or create a big website with different kinds of ads, you can do it quite simply in the administration area.

To fill your classified ad startup with ads, we provide our high-performance add-ons that allow you to easily integrate content from other websites and merchants into XLS, CSV and XLSML. There are a number of different plug-ins available that will help you get more out of your classified ad. Possibility to combine HTML, BWF and imaging flags with geo-targeting makes them a high-performance add-on for additional revenue generation.

Enables the user to put a few ads on a single page and view them in a spreadsheet, overcoming the hassle of choosing the right article to buy or hire. This is one of the most commonly used add-ons, with sliders and area selections that allow the user to narrow down ads in category and results.

FlyDroid was developed with an inside view of Android and classified ads to offer your user a true and unique user interface to the Android community and unrivalled versatility and liberty of our classified ad software. Have your customers display ads, picture and video uploads, buy packs, etc. on their portable device while they're on the move, and take advantage of new FlyDroid functionality with each up-date.

High-performance and flexible classifieds software

In order to make it easier for you, we have created a number of classified ad template files, but we also give you the freedom to customise your own classified ad site as well. Change the category lists, change the boxes for the mail order or users register forms listings, these are just some of the functions that will help you give your classified page a certain purpose:

Pet Free Ads, Jobs Free Ads, Motorcycles Free Ads and many others. Locationsuggest - suggests locations when the visitor begins to type locations in the Locations field. Rangefinder - find a range around the specified site. Whenever you open the browsers, all offers shown show the last position you chose until you modify it again.

Fully customisable contribution list submission format. Customize endless field sizes of various kinds, such as Google Maps, pictures, files, and Youtube videos. In fact, you can even set up category-specific boxes so that your property list booking template differs from your vehicle list booking template. Customize quick search and refinement of searches.

Select the boxes you want to appear in your query fora. This is a single stage in submitting the ad blank sheet. Tip / postal code area lookup. Enable your users to find ads within a perimeter away from a specific postal code site. Viewers can select whether they want to be alerted when new offers matching their query are added.

groups of subscribers. It is possible to set up different groups of people. Every Group can have different registry entry screens, different associated ad schedules, and different preferences that are applicable to them. Fully configurable registry entry field. Allows you to set administrators as your own custom permissions. Associates advertise their classified ad and receive a percentage of the sales they generate.

Enable your users to place ads without an affiliate code. Simplify the add offer processing for your users by letting them submit without registration. Use this booking scheme and at the same to allow the booking of ads with a single login as well. Permit subscription as a specific list planning category.

By subscribing, your subscribers can publish a number of ads or an infinite number of ads on your classifieds page for a limited amount of times after purchasing a subscribed number. Create PDF downloadable user bills. Inter-user messaging is logged on your website. Email all or a group of your subscribers at once.

Indefinite number of listings. Allows you to customize your quote schedules and generate schedules for certain category or allocate them to certain groups of users. There are also subscriptions available. Payed function to bring your offer to the top of other offers for a while.

Payed function for offers with high exposure on the first page. Payed function for offers displayed in a different colour to be more easily seen than the other offers. Movie ads. Pay function to allow a Youtube movie in the ad picture galleries. Prioritised offers. Payed function to place an entry at the top of a page in front of all other regular offers.

  • Prepaid function to enable a specific page of accounts to display users detail and all users lists, and to replace the head picture with the user's own logotype. To make the classified website site easier to find, use rewrite your website to make it more accessible to people. Such as the value of a query, the name of a subcategory, or another specific value of an ad.

Essentially you can have all pages have different metainformation, which is very important for your website SEO. Import/export quotations or lists to CSV or XML formats. Any number of catagories and subparagories can be created. Every logon is logged for each individual in the system.

User can submit offers with unsuitable contents. In combination with text message verfication, this function is quite a mighty safety device. Some words can be filtered or replaced from the contents of your offer. Integrated sending e-mail system to avoid the theft of e-mails. Feel free to add any number of different category you like.

Append new contents to your classifieds page by using an HTML browser to attach them to one of the site's two scroll bar buttons. Dropdown submenus are provided. The number of pictures is adjustable for each list schedule. You can activate the HTML editors for the descriptions of offers.

Select Offers as Sold or Leased. Possibility to erase elapsed offers automatic. People can buy credit once and then use it to post ads on your site or for additional functionality you provide. Set the sales taxes that will be added to the sum that your customers are paying.

Discount Notification Allows attendees to be notified when the retail quote decreases. Advanced pay function so subscribers can put their offers at the top of the page for a specific amount of space. If your site links are stored for your users' fast track on their home page, these symbols are used for this only.

Restrict ads per Account Restricts the number of ads that can be published to a single member for a given user account. Automatic Renewal - Automatically extends all elapsed ads, or only ads that belong to specific bid schedules, after a configurable number of day with a wide range of colors to select from.

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