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Bootstrap Free HTML5 Classifieds Template The ClassiX is a free and Premium Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 classifieds template. Specifically designed for classifieds, listings, directories and job portal websites. No matter if you want to build a website where your customers can register and advertise their goods, service and job, or an on-line list where companies and attraction can be registered.

In ClassiX you'll find everything you need to create scaleable and flawless classifieds, listings, directories and jobsites. CLASSICX is a scaleable, highly advanced, simple to use and one of the best HTML classifications and listings templates with all innovative functions. Twenty-three+ pages to create a perfectly classified website.

ET-Anzeigen - Free Responsive Classifieds Website Template

Offset Ads is Joomla response! a template aimed at classifieds sites. The Classified Ads website template is created using the latest Bootstrap CSS Framework, Font Awesome and K2 extended styles. The Classified Ads website template is highly reactive and provides enhanced functionality that makes these template look vibrant and contemporary. All of the design collections designed to help an advertiser's on-line activities are provided with a native wallpaper that allows anyone to create and design a fully featured website.

Bring your promotional or merchandising store on the right track with our breathtaking website template for classifieds today! Quick-start bundled with Joomla! 3.8.1 | Job Listings Joomla! Job Listings supported by DJ-Classifieds enhancements, you get DJ-Classifieds licence with 30% discount now (private voucher, please get in touch with us to get it) to get updates, download and get help from extension writer.

The ET Ads Website Templates is a basic, clean-looking template developed mainly for new corporate web sites. It' incredibly straightforward to customize and manipulate your contents using comfortable template settings. Offset ads website templates with a fully reactive CSS bootstrap styleheet. Offset Ads Website Templates support 4 colour style templates that help to build beautiful sites with different page styles.

The template also comes with a customizable homepage that contains a punched and full-wide-layout. To view the demonstration, use the Template Site Tool on the demonstration site. Template main functions: and much more. Free installation service for the PRO Unlimited is offered so you don't have to bother about how to get it installed, we help you get the Quick Start Kit (template and example files like demo) installed in your host.

A 14 day money back guarantee means you have 7 working day to try the products. Participation is free of risks. To receive the Dedicate Technical Assistance from us, it is the Dedicate Technical Assistance System. Which Joomla! & Wordpress versions are your template files? => Our Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x (latest version) and Wordpress template files supported on Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x (latest version), and Wordpress on Wordpress on Wordpress files.

Whenever OpenSource releases a new revision, we always make a short fix. Where are the distinctions between PRO STAR and PRO UNI MITED EDITES? => The major difference is that the PRO STAR MIT is only the single supported single supported single supported single supported domain, but with the PRO UNI MITED you can use the template for indefinite domains/clients you want.

In addition, PRO UNLIMITED comes with a free installation service (the real price is $20). Sure, you can use the free copy for the productions website, simply keep our copy right information for the free product licence in the bottom line. The free edition is restricted to some functions like sliders, page creator, portfolios,... and does not provide a Quickstart Bundle like the PROs edition.

Which kind of technical assistance do you provide? => We provide assistance through the Ticket Assistance System for our clients. FOR FREE clients only get FREE updates and new template releases. Are your product multilingual? => Yes, all template supports multilingual. In Joomla! we suggest you use Joomla! to quickly create a multilingual website for Joomla!

In Wordpress we suggest to use WMPL (https://wpml. org) or Loco-Plugin. May I use your template with my current website? => Yes, you can use the template installation kit and reinstall it for your website. You must, however, check all old locations (widgets) and new locations in the template again to restore your correct layouts.

Is it possible to delete the copyrights from the bottom? => With the FREE edition you have to keep our copyrights in the bottom of the website. Thank you for the great Icelandic Army support. Download Sarah & U. Free trial or choose your own trial copy to help saving your developing hours!

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