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Classifieds WordPress Classifieds Theme / Classifieds Script CommonTheme is a premium WorldPress theme that lets you turn your existing Web site into a truly classified one. There are many new and very useful functions such as PayPal,, AlertPay, Google Checkout integrations, automatic deletion of old postings, setting the advertising duration and much more. Now you can turn your blogs into any kind of classified ads, such as: car/car ads, property ads, PC ads, groceries ads, high-tech ads..

. almost anything, thanks to the user-defined entry boxes.

It' also very much optimised for advanced web site optimization and indexes your site very quickly in Google, Bing or Yahoo searching machines. Below you will find the major functions of the classified topic. If you have some common question you can go to the FAQ Classified Theme page and if you have an individual question about this topic you can get in touch with us.

Classified ads are user-defined mail type and are very simple to create new ads by adding new ads from your administrator, assigning classifieds to folders, assigning sites, assigning tags, setting ad rates, creating ads. We' re talking about ' and you don't need any additional plugs or scripting to run your classifieds site.

Even the install procedure is very simple: just use the MS Office Windows XP Windows XP Server and install the program, load the theme archives and you're there. Classified topic has fully incorporated Google Maps with Street View function so you can keep up with the whereabouts of your ad. Google Analytics is also fully featured and fully embedded, just insert your own custom trace key.

In addition, each ad page contains an infringement reporting function and a request e-mail message for users. Allows you to include backend customized text such as text box, text area, check box, check box, check box, check box, and check box. It supports everything and the customized field can also be built according to the categories.

They do not need any specific payments integrations, as the topic has already implemented a payments system. It currently only natively backs PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers, and Google Checkout, but we can provide customized service to include each payments Gateway individually. There is also a biomassage that can be configured in the users section, where the users can enter contacts, upload a company image or a picture album.

The Classified Theme comes with a sleek look that makes your website look great on any machine. Whether your website is viewed from a cell or tablet cell or from an iPod or iPod, the theme automatically adapts to the viewer's display area. This Classified Theme features the latest release of Worldpress.

This topic was extensively debugged in Worldpress 4.9. It works perfectly and every single times we keep the topic up to date with the latest version of Worldpress. One of the most widely used PayPal payments processors in the industry. We also support AlertPay, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and

Extremely simple to use, just enter your billing information into the backend and begin to collect it. Due to the user-defined posting type, the blogs function of your Worpress site is still backed as before and not bothered by the classified topic of activity, so you can still blogs about anything you want.

Easily integrate into one of the most favorite Twitter sites. You will have unrestricted availability of upcoming upgrades and lifelong technical assistance for all issues you may have when deploying and using the topic. In our forum you will find many frequently asked question and answered topics. There is also a great documentary base to help you with the installation and management of the topic.

This section contains a number of hyperlinks to some classified websites that use our topic as a motor for their word-press page.

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