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The new print media are digital media, and nowadays classified ads are often free! The Kijiji was the second most popular free online classifieds site in the USA. Most popular advertising categories for the classifieds portal Most popular ad category for the classifieds portal 5. Classified ad gateways are one of the most rapidly expanding forms of on-line advertisement. You will be responsible for presenting the large selection of different classifieds subdivided into many theme areas such as cars, property, training, jobs, service and more.

Low costs of on-line advertisement are the major cause of its increase.

It is important to note that old-age is a key consideration in classified ads placed on-line. Complimentary on-line classified ad websites are very much loved by individuals between the ages of 25-44 years. Favourite more than the group of 18-24 year old. Elderly 55+ years old use classified ads less often. From a statistical point of view, the operation of the ad is a great deal because the largest websites generate enormous profit.

It is also achieving great success - "50 billion dollars in global page impressions and 80 million classified ads per month". At present, the present-day classified ad segment is driven by powerful eBay and other portals such as Crawslist, but also by start-ups such as GetGo and OfferUp. The most recent figure was 1.2 billion dollars. What are the most common kinds of classifieds on the web?

We did a research and created a category listing that you should consider - if you want to create your ad space. Classified ad groups are popular because of the goal they want to achieve (personal or business). The classifieds site gives you a few easy ways to make a living and turn your site into a real live showcase.

Perhaps you wanted your site to concentrate only on the chosen category. Now if classifieds were only available in the few available category, it's time to think about expanding them. Think about which ad category to add. Here is a listing of the most common classifieds category.

Jobs - a very beloved classified ad section. Datinge Ads - This can be a very contentious categorie; it may not suit every site. Nevertheless, it is always liked, and many consumers are adding their advertisements. Unbelievably beloved class - all types of cars are a very good one.

Modeanzeigen - The sale or purchase of clothing and apparel related accessoires is a large section for any expanding classifieds site. DJ-Classifieds allows you to create any kind of classifieds site. When you' re looking for special sites that are available to download, take a look at the Joomla-Monster'sJoomla-Monster's artwork available at DJ-Classifieds.

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