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The Classify is a premium Classified WordPress theme, super flexible and has a fully appealing design (try changing the size of your browser). Classified WordPress Topics One of the most design-oriented and advanced WordPress topics for classified ads. EngineThemes' solutions give you all the utilities and functionality you need to build your own classified ad site (or part of a site) - and keep you up to date with the latest fashion designs and WordPress technologies. eList is a multi-purpose theme that provides a full classified ad or directories solutions.

Can be used so simply for a classified website, including: e-commerce features, easy to category, custom query boxes, allow front-end submission of offers, and build a website that is easy to use and manage - yet still strong enough to deal with myriad elements and traffic. The Dolce Classifieds is an all-in-one application - one of the most efficient and beautiful classified ad topics for WordPress.

Featuring an integrated personal news system that allows members to send messages to each other, a rugged, integrated shape-builder, a slim styling and no other plug-ins needed for work, this theme is the perfect option if you want to create a high-performance and attractive classified ad site. Classified Ads is one of the most rugged and efficient WordPress themes for the creation of a classified ad page - comprehensively proven and optimised.

A dozen of choices, capabilities, and adjustments allow you to build a classifieds site (or part of an exisiting site) that looks and works exactly the way you want it to - including built-in payment, periodic payment, vouchers, and more. With ClassiCraft, you can categorise your postings or offers and allow your viewers to publish their own ads with this high-performance and rugged InkThemes classifieds design.

This includes styleful typefaces and typefaces along with a basic lay-out to make it easier for your users to browse and navigate. One of the most popular classified ads sites in the world, it' s a great way to get started. Here you can find a classified ad site with member administration, price packs, and find what you won't find on other sites. Among the most agile and rugged topics of its kind, one of the key attractions of this special feature is the comprehensive feature list that includes everything from geolocalization and close-up to the versatility of prices you can bill members for.

ClassicPress is a frontrunner in classified topics, offering unsurpassed capabilities and a variety of functions for admins and admins. Functions: fast-response layouts and designs, multi price option, user-defined panels and templates, immediate search/auto-suggestion, sign up to community networks, optimised for revenues, integrated ad stats, children topics, users subscription administration and Dashboards.

The AdForest is one of the most rugged, adaptable and diverse topics available for classified ads. Functions: Frontend ad submitting, presenter sharing, badword filtration, MailChimp and WooCommerce integrations, and scores of other functions and customization choices that allow you to customize the look and feel of your site. CLASSICAD is a very efficient, durable and feature-rich WordPress layout that uses the advantages of multi-media and layout to provide a first-class classified ad experience.

Characteristics include: "Layerslider ", support for PDFPress, boundless colour scheme, PayPal integrated, Google Maps integrated, customized fields integrated, reactive layouts and designs, ad videos supported, ad expiry date, ad users Dashboard, list/grid and more. The Classify theme offers an unsurpassed small ad site experience, with a contemporary look that looks great across all kinds of equipment and display size.

Designed with an appealing look, retina-enabled images/icons, more than 650 Google fonts supported, Google Maps integrated, layer slider inclusive, BBPress supported, PayPal supported, extended searching (including geography), limitless colour scheme and more. The FlatAds is a state-of-the-art small ad site management system with an attractive and slim look - while the functions and functions give you full power and the possibility to customise the site to your needs.

Balancing aesthetic and ease of use, it delivers an amazing looking (and working) classified ad site that you and your users will like. CLASSICERA is a neat and contemporary classified ad design for WordPress that offers a variety of user-defined functionalities and multi-media assistance. There are: several home page layouts available, lists and grids viewing choices, Google Maps capability, front-end ad serving, retina-ready, ad administration, customized administrator Dashboard, and other customized capabilities that give you a website that looks and works the way you want it to.

CrazyAds is a contemporary WordPress theme in folder format for classified ads. Inspired by Airbnb's designs, it offers a sleek and streamlined look, integrated easy payments, user-defined shortcuts, the option to customize geographical areas, Google Maps connectivity, and more. Engines is a multi-purpose topic that is able to incorporate a multitude of applications so that you can build a website that looks beautiful and works.

Developed for viewing vehicles ads (boats, automobiles, motorbikes, etc.), it includes the following features: high-performance searching functions, lists and raster layouts option, side-by-side comparison of offers, an integrated financial calculator, asset tracking, PayPal and Google Maps integrated and more. Small ads is a feature-rich and high-performance theme that gives you everything you need to create a breathtaking advertising site.

No matter whether you want to create a site like Craigslist, run a community based new website, or just create your own classifieds site, you'll find that this is one of the best WordPress topics of its kind. The CarSpot is a real multi-use theme for classified locations with six different pre-configured solutions:

Boat, car, small advertisement, workshop, bicycle and repair. This is a multi-purpose classified ad system based on the Bootstrap Framework/Toolkit. Quick to respond layouts and designs, pre-zoned commercials and high performance features make this a very convincing option for creating a classified page. The Indexer is a rugged WordPress theme that lets you build an on-line classified ad / marketing space.

Featuring unparalleled functionality such as a dealer timer and clear styling, it will amaze your customers - and give you the opportunity to tailor it to your needs. The Adifier is the advanced small ad web development tool. Without the need for customized scripting or changes, you can simply create your own website or area with high performance functions such as article overview, high-performance searching, earning by billing offers, auctioning, searching mash-ups and more.

As well as these classified ad topics, you can also view these topic sets, which are similar: whether you want to build a municipal, community-driven classified ad site or target a domestic (or even global) public with a site like Craigslist, the construction of such a site can be very time-consuming and expensive.

Whilst your generic blogs or website has fundamental items that can be adapted to your needs, a classified website is a completely different endeavor. As well as the default functions you would find on a default website (your blogs, contacts page, etc.) - with a classifieds website you may want to integrate a wide range of different functions such as e-commerce functions, price functions, custom generating contents, submitting offers, member registrations and much more.

Luckily, there have been a fistful of WordPress theme creators and programmers who have dealt with these kinds of websites - and created some truly noteworthy and nice classified topics for WordPress. Based on WordPress, these classified ad topics offer you a total end-to-end approach - for a well-functioning and appealing website.

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