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Identify the template that best fits your target audience. Classimax is the most popular free bootstrap classified website template ever created. Bootstrap Free HTML5 Classifieds Template The ClassiX is a free and Premium Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 classifieds template. Specifically designed for classifieds, listings, directories and job portal websites. No matter if you want to build a website where your customers can register and advertise their goods, service and job, or an on-line list where companies and attraction can be registered.

In ClassiX you'll find everything you need to create scaleable and flawless classifieds, listings, directories and jobsites. CLASSICX is a scaleable, highly advanced, simple to use and one of the best HTML classifications and listings templates with all innovative functions. Twenty-three+ pages to create a perfectly classified website.

Best 15+ WordPress Classified Topics 2018

WordPress's best classified topics are those that offer versatility and cleanness. Many of these classified websites like Craigslist, however, are becoming increasingly obsolete. However, they realised that many functions were lacking, and so they constructed their own small display system just for this use. Overall, classified ads are really good money makers when they are made well.

Therefore, we suggest you choose a WordPress classified topic in order to put most of your emphasis on creating a strong team. Hundred to a thousand classified topics are available for downloading and buying. That' s why we have put together a best of breed option guide so you don't have to worry about whether you have chosen one with low level technical assistance or low level programming.

In our quest, we've only selected topics with fast responding functions because so many today use their cell phone for classified ads. We also wanted to show simple settings for each option. There is nothing more bewildering than having a blueprint and being distracted by a complex WordPress topic.

Together with that, you will want front-end submit functions, lots of supporting tools for medias and profile for buyer and seller. When you are done posting your classified ads, read on to find the best solution. Serving as one of the most stylish classified ad designs on the web, using a robust frameworks and premium coding, it ensures that you can deploy all plug-ins and keep a website running quickly.

Six one-of-a-kind homepage themes make sure your website doesn't look exactly like the website of anyone who purchased the subject. One of the outstanding characteristics is the front-end operator profiles and the tendering system. You might think that a classified site isn't much if you don't allow them to log in and start creating their own profiles.

User also want a way to quickly file their classified advertisements and give you cash for the occasion. The Google font and Font Awesome icon are also integrated into the topic, improving the look and feel of your website and giving you a little insight into your text. Movie adverts are something you generally don't see on a classified ad page, so you can make some cash and take a totally different path by showing user adverts that are more visually in nature. What's more, you can also use the online ad service to show your customers what you're looking for.

Classiera design fully responds to the display on smaller units. That' s what we like for classified ads, because you will often find that people are more likely to take their mobile phone with them when they meet with a salesperson. This upcoming template is a neat little extra, considering that you usually have to buy a complete new design to get that look.

When you create your website, you don't have to have a complete empty page. In addition to a template for your blogs, a layerslider, and an extended finder toolbar, the Classiera WordPress topic is one of our favourites. Select the topic Motors WordPress when you try to create a classified page for automobiles.

One of the reasons this is at the top of our agenda is because it comes with an amazing asset tracking engine. Load up your content, customise what your offers will look like, and see every single one of the automobiles in stock in your shop. Filters are perfect because most folks who come to your site will have a certain kind of auto in their minds.

You can choose the kind of colour you want, along with choices such as brand, style, height and more. CSV importer is provided with the topic, which enhances your capacity to quickly bring your assets to the site and sell them in no hurry. You may have guessed that the whole engine issue was designed to be totally reactive.

Moreover, you don't have to waste much of your attention on the colour schemes, as your possibilities are restricted. But the real protagonist with this topic is the number of shortcuts. Unless you know what a short form does, it works essentially as a small piece of coding, so you can build basic or extended items without having to deal with the sources.

You will also get a financial calculator with the topic that helps those who want to buy a financed automobile. Wherever someone wants to advertise their own automobile on your website, the topic asks full detail about it. Together with a WooCommerce store, a comparator for vehicles and really beautiful customer profile, the Motors WordPress topic is exactly what you need to buy your automobiles.

Point Finder WordPress Topic provides a rich listing and classified ad playout, with an appealing look and feel and beautiful cards where the user can see where the seller is located. With this topic, the aim is to give you a template that allows any kind of adjustment. So whether you are developing a auto sales site or a tech sales site, you should be able to do so using the Point Finder WordPress theming.

An evaluation system is one of the major reason why we have Point Finder WordPress on our docket. Expanded topic choices are all maintained in the back end that we think can be used by everyone. Whether you are an experienced programmer or a novice, the Point Finder WordPress themes are fairly easy to use.

What is really awesome is that you don't have to buy any of the premier plug-ins that come with your themes order. By interacting with the subject, and giving you the opportunity to raise funds for all the deals that go through the site, Strep and PayPal both do. WooCommerce is perfectly integrated into the Point Finder topic and brings you even nearer to your winning targets.

Point Finder is one of the best. eList is a rich listing motif from Elegant Themes. This design allows you to set up an on-line index of any kind and allow your site visitor to post new offers via the frontend. It also comes with eCommerce Integrator, which is a great way to bill your customers for new or introduced offers. eList contains multiple page styles that make it simple to build all the necessary pages without having to tap a line of coding.

It has a clear styling with lists in an sleek raster and a filtering feature that makes it quick and simple to find the required group. And when it comes to customisation functions, you can simply customise the colours to match your own style, customise your own look, add your own logos and much more through the Topic Option Panel.

There are also a number of shortcuts in the look that make it simple to include button, shift, and other style items. In addition, eList contains eList translations that make it easier for you to easily convert your website to any desired languages so you can communicate with a broader public. The Responsive Classics topic is a good option for anyone who wants to create a classified website without spending countless hours adapting the look.

It' s unbelievably simple to set up and even simpler to customise thanks to the high-performance Topic Choice Panels. Technically speaking, this topic has everything you need to build a high-performance classified ad site. Set up free or chargeable bundles so your customers can post their own offers. Plus the ability to update your offers with Google Maps, highlight offers, special offers, and more.

Schedule periodic payment so your customers can make automatic payment to expand their offerings. Enable your members to post more than one bid, read/send personal message, and view limited contents. Customise your colours, lettering, layout or use ready-made children's topics to give your website a totally different look and feel. Customise your website to suit your needs.

Simply upload your demos to make the artwork look ready for publishing in just a few moments. In addition, this style offers an appealing look so you can be sure it looks good on any machine. The ClassiPress is one of the most favourite topics for classifieds and for good reasons.

Distinguished by a clear and minimalist look that allows your audience to concentrate on your work. CLASSICPRESS is full of tools that make it simple to build a truly breathtaking classifieds site. They may also levy an additional levy for the offers presented. Finding the offers that interest your customers most is simple thanks to the searching and filter capabilities, and the online subscription feature simplifies the subscription procedure.

Each user receives an individualised dashboard to keep an overview of their offerings and get essential information about their profiles. There are 2 different homepage layout themes and 5 colour themes that make it easy to customise your website. Take full benefit of fast response designs and take full benefit of advanced analytics to give your website a push in your ranking.

The WPML plug-in makes it simple to integrate your website into another languages and extend its coverage. If you want to present your shops and sights, you should look for something contemporary and neat. It has a full-width head area with a distinctive searching mask that allows users to browse for places of interest by keyword, location or category.

There is also a section on field reports, along with some nice para lax animation. Design is integrated into Paypal, so you can begin to sell package deals with ease, and each person receives a custom dashboard from which they can administer their profiles and offers. Design also features a strong administration pane where you can adjust the look of the design and administer approvals for all submissions.

Together with popular shared badges, Visual Composer and many shortcuts to remove the need to tap any sourcecode, the Search & Go topic is a nice topic for building a high-performance classified ad site. The classified ads topic makes it unbelievably simple to create your own classified ad site. It comes with a one-click installation, followed by a one-click demonstration that imports all example contents and makes your site look like it's a demonstration, so you don't have to go from there.

A large enquiry page on the home page makes it easier to find offers, and users can simply click to send in their own offers directly from the front end. On the home page, you'll also find the ability to display the most beloved offers, and a raster display of all category makes it simple to find the kinds of offers your users want to see.

Every member gets their own personalized dashboard to administer their entry, and getting in touch with the vendor is simple with just one click. It also features limitless colour selections and more than 600 Google fonts to customise your classified page. It is also fully reactive, so you can be sure that your users will be able to scroll through offers even when using their portable device.

It is a good option for anyone who wants to create a classified car website. Topic features a nice scroll bar for viewing advertisements and a prominently displayed query so your users can quickly find the kind of car they want to buy. It also allows users to browse by locations, and the topic even features a Google Map to help give shoppers who've posted the entry an easy way to get there.

Advertisements lapse instantly after the specified periods and you can also build premier schedules with embedded advertisements and provide advertising space for several monetisation manners. In addition, the design can be adapted slightly and you can navigate almost every facet of the design. It can also be integrated into favorite payment gateway such as PayPal and 2Checkout as well as into handbooks.

After all, the topic of search engine optimization is optimised and can readily be localised into any languages so that your advertisements can be seen by your customers from different nationalities.

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