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WordPress classified themes are popular for large traffic generation and recurring passive income. Top 10 Classified WordPress Topics 2018 CLASSICERA is designed to help you develop a website for classified ads or offers using WordPress. If you want to set up an on-line room where your guests can register and offer their products and service for purchase, or a register where your companies and sites can be registered on-line, this topic has it all.

Classiera lets you make your website look different from the rest by creating your own videos. Classiera uses front-end registration form when it comes to submitting offers to your website. This form simplifies the bidding procedure and makes it easy for your site visitors to post their classified ads on the site.

So if you're planning to monetise your site by billing your visitors a charge for posting an offer, this topic offers many choices. You can use the preferences to make free subscriptions with upgrade to our free subscription or to add prepaid subscription choices to all your subscriptions. Classiera''s website layout contains several home page layout which can be used on your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, Classiera's website layout can be changed to suit your needs.

It gives you many ways to set up your website and get the look and feel right. Google Map makes it simple to integrate your services with your own map collection. When you create a classified ad site, the cards could be used to give essential information about where the article can be collected, while your listing list your site user can give your site a simple way for your site visitor to find theirs.

CLASSICERA has a very contemporary and classy look that will help you give your classified website and its offers a professionally look. The AdForest has over 16 pre-defined home page layout templates that you can select for your WordPress classified website. A new AdForest version, 0, gives you a whole new range of website features you can work with.

As soon as you have searched the different site demonstrations, you can easily upload your favourite designs with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even upload your own designs to the site. So many different available choices, no matter what kind of offers and classified ads you create, you should be able to find a matching theme here. Once you have uploaded the trial contents, the next thing you need to do is set up how you want your classified site to work.

AdForest preferences and choices should allow you to precisely specify how your website and its ads and offers are organised. AdForest is entirely up to you whether you want your users to place ads, whether you want to run multi-currency ads or use the Messaging system.

Additional useful functions you can use with this topic includes radial searching, which will help your site viewers find the offers nearest to them, and an additional Android application to promote your site more efficiently to mobiles. They also have the ability to enable affiliate signups to make it easy for your site visitor to log in through their Facebook and Google account.

So if you are looking for a feature-rich WordPress theme with many different themes to pick from, visit AdForest. The ClassiPress was created by AppThemes, an apparel that specializes in this kind of feature-packed WordPress theme. Currently ClassiPress is in release 3, where designers have integrated many great new functions and enhanced the theme's key functionalities to develop a very beloved and versatile tool.

Its design offers a fully customisable homepage with two integrated layout choices and five different color scheme choices. There' also a large variety of submenus for ClassiPress that allow you to take advantage of the great functions, but completely transform the look and usability of your website.

If it comes to making cash with your classified website, there is no lack of choices with this theme. Generate several price engines from the three main monetisation options: flat price, per cent or categories. In these three choices, you can define your own tariffs and determine which functions your user will receive according to the levels they select.

ClassiPress also offers the ability to build subscription packages that give you even more versatility, such as 30 days limitless subscriptions or what best fits your site. AppThemes ClassiPress also features a users Dashboard that allows your members to administer their offers and profile through a number of front-end molds.

The theme is a feature-packed customizable options or just with how out of the box it is to build a classified website with WordPress. The Adifier is a feature-packed WordPress theme that can be used to build almost any kind of classified website. What kind of offers you want to post or what target group you want to serve, Adifier could be the topic you are looking for.

This theme not only has a good choice of different template, but is also extremely customizable and can be customized for almost any kind of work. A further good excuse to consider Adifier is the abundance of possibilities for making or receiving deposits. This theme can be used to configure your website to receive money from your visitors in different ways.

Not only can you provide one-time billing methods, but you can also provide billing methods that charge you on a regular base for accessing your services on an on-going one. Adifier's other useful functions that might interest you includes the possibility to upload offers in either CSV or XLM formats, which gives you a fast way to fill your website with classified advertisements, as well as a message system that allows your visitors to easily communicate with each other through your website.

When you like the Adifier sounds or would like to learn more about them, there is an on-line demonstration that allows you to login to the site administration area with this topic. This feature allows you to view the most important control elements and really get a good idea of how this topic works and whether Adifier is suitable for your website.

CLASSICFieds is a specially developed WordPress suite from TEMPLANIC that allows you to create a fully functional website for advertising listings. Classified Advertisements run on the Directory Platform which is also Templatic's platform, and gives you full control over all the functions and functions of this great tool, along with the extra functions you need to run and maintain a classified website.

Using the capabilities of this theme, you can build a locally -based or globally -operated listing website and take full benefit of the 200 pre-installed and 4,000 states. The design is tightly integrated with Google Maps, so you can easily and quickly show your users where each offer is at. Since operating a classified ads website can be a great way to make cash income on-line, the classified ads theme contains a number of monetisation tools to help your website earn income.

These include the possibility for you to levy fees for the publication of specific offers, as well as the creation of price packs that include several offers. They can also provide fee-based upgrade options such as fee-based rankings or the option to publish a unique list in more than one category for enhanced visibility. In addition to the add-ons to increase the amount of payments you can pay for, there are a number of other plug-ins for this topic that really allow you to extend the reach of your website.

Whilst classified ads will work perfect if your needs are growing in the years to come, it will be as a facilitation to know that there are a number of ready-made install alternatives available to make your website even more useful. Small ads combine a sleek but efficient look with a variety of functions that can be enhanced with available upgrade option.

Classics is characterized by a contemporary and classy style that makes it a good option for sale or promotion of almost all types of items. Every website that uses this theme will have a very appealing homepage, with a very simple menusystem and categories link that will make it easier for your users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Using classic ads, you can even use Google Maps connectivity to organize your offers by locations, using marks on a card to tell your users where each element is. When you activate the geolocation function, your guests will see the objects that are nearest to them in physical terms for an even more user-friendly environment.

This topic not only supports text and picture display, but also supports the use of CCTV. To monetize your classified ad site, Classiads makes it simple to build several price lists, each with its own functions. The recent Classiads theme updates added the possibility for the site to host submissions, as well as the possibility to host changes made to your site's current contents before they go online.

Then, viewers can zoominate to further browse the offerings in your listing, or use the multi-field query to find exactly what they're looking for. The FlatAds feature a variety of card tag symbols that make it even quicker for your customers to quickly recognize the types of offers they are viewing on the card.

This theme is designed to be integrated into the WooCommerce plug-in, which is used to manage the theme's cash register and trolley functions. FlatAds is definitely a good place to take a look if you want a multi-faceted WordPress theme listing or classified ads. CommonEngine is a theme that contains everything you need to create a fully functional classified website with WordPress, all in one easy-to-use bundle.

EngineThemes, a specialized theme creation group, has created this theme for apps that allows you to create a particular kind of website using WordPress. CalibratedEngine provides a set-up assistant that guides you through the startup procedure and a user-friendly operation field for configuration of your website.

Easily display and track all offers on your website and track their progress through a single user experience. Whilst administering your website via the customized Dashboard is effortless, end visitors will also find using your website very effortless. User can create an affiliate registration form and send their offers through the website frontend instead of accessing the WordPressashboard.

That means a smooth and optimized usability for your customers, who will become registred customers and publish their first entry with little effort. Vendors also get their own dashboards where they can administer their ads, revitalize past offers, and set up their own profile to differentiate their offers.

State-of-the-art, professional-looking designs are fully adapted to the needs of your customers and make sure they are not barred from using your classified site. And there are many ways to monetize your site, from viewing ads to collecting a charge for sending an offer, with the option to set up several price choices.

When you want a feature-rich design that contains everything you need to create a classified website, all in one great-looking bundle, ClassifiedEngine is for you. The ClassiCraft was developed and made by InkThemes and his team with a keen eye on how you can earn money passively from a classified website.

ClassiCraft WordPress theme is beautiful and neat, with a minimum touch of sophistication. Whilst the look is unlikely to blind your users, it is simple to use and will help provide a user-friendly environment as they either view offers or submit their own. Completely reactive layouts and designs so your website will work just as well on a variety of equipment and screens.

Installing ClassiCraft is very easy thanks to the one-click setup function, so you won't have any problems getting your website up and running. Using the option you can set several price schedules or let your users publish their offers for free. The theme's other functions included customized widgets for your side bar areas, a real call to action to boost your lead, and a homepage slide to display your paid or paid listing.

ClassiCraft may be just the thing for you if you want a clear layout for your classified ad site without compromising important functionality. It is available as part of the InkThemes Clubs, which gives you easy and affordable entry to all its topics, or you can simply buy it separately.

SiteMile's classified theme is described as a turnkey entry point for newcomers. That means Classified Theme won't let you down regardless of your WordPress expertise or your build a classified ad site. Due to the impartial theme, this theme can be used to show any kind of product or service on your classified ads list, which gives you many possibilities of what kind of public you will be interested in.

By integrating PayPal, Facebook and Google Maps, you can simply build a comprehensive customer experiences for your website traffic. As part of the Site Mile Theme 10 Topics Service, this theme is available at a greatly reduced rate. The Classified Theme is a dignified candidate if you want a good all-round theme for creating a website of this kind.

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