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Classifications - Classifieds WordPress theme by designerinvento ClassiAds has been devoted a great deal of attention and diligence so that it is a delight to use it. We' ve painstakingly designed this theme by hand, with a heavy emphasis on type, ease of use and overall ease of use. PROPLINS: Three plug-ins are needed and others are suggested, the decision is yours whether you want them or not.

Their design will work perfectly without them. There is no chargeable plug-in necessary, which means that we make available all current plug-in upgrades with the theme upgrades. This does not mean that we will be providing a licence for the plug-ins, as they are third-party plug-ins. Please note: We do not offer our services for illicit and mature sites.

When you are interested in buying our topic, you can get help, but not. corrected a catastrophic bug when the list plug-in was deactivated. Please note that prior to upgrade to the newer release, please make sure you thoroughly check that Classics 4x is a fully rewritten frameworks built on top of Page Builder, make a full back-up before updating Classics from 3x to 4x, please refer to the installation instructions for the newer release...

We have added a completely new classification release.

classifying - classifieds WordPress theme from JoinWebs

The Classify is an extraordinary Classified Advertising theme for WordPress. Fast reacting, optimised for featured ads, front end submissions, payment by post & more.... Created from the bottom up with Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3, Classify gives you a state-of-the-art, future-proof environment so you can be sure your site is never out of date.

Include our free install service and a lifetime of free updates in this lifetime support and you'll have a truly future-proof topic for website development for years to come. Although you can create almost any type of website with Classify, it's definitely designed with fast moving advertisements.

They have full directory and classification list and video display assistance as well as assistance for many kinds of custom fields. Classify lets you deliver Google, Facebook and Twitter login for usability and comfort that guarantees you'll keep your clients happy the first and every day. In Classify, you'll find some of the most sophisticated search capabilities to create a compelling and engaging search environment for your audiences, plus a new enhanced search widget with custom fields.

It makes the quest even more user-friendly and offers an extensive depth diving quest feature that clients will like. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, you are poised to monetise your website with a variety of great functions such as Ads Pricing Plans and pay per post. Deliver focused, site-specific information with the Google Maps integrated capability that supports geolocalization.

Or you can use the Google Map Style choices for a coherent look that works with your website. Classify is a Premium Classified WordPress theme, supremely versatile and has a fully reactive theme (try changing the size of your browser). Classify has been given much attention and diligence so that it is a delight to use it.

Postal Pay: Determine the fare based on the categories. Complimentary theme install. Theme free demonstration set-up. - Removed problem with querying Advanced Search Widgets. - Simply buy your plans on the users page. - Price-planning database for RTL enhanced. - added Google mysql linguistic options (show Google Maps in your language).

  • Issue with the telephone number on the Send Display page resolved. - Address box on/off added. - Enlarge Display Remove Problem solved. - Siting Plugin Updater. - Layerslider plugin actualized. - added pricing section Switch on/off options. - The state, type, cost, states, city, on/off of the advanced lookup Widget options.
  • Turn off the Locations & Category & Range slider in the seek area. - layer slider plugin actualized. - Bug with the picture view lists solved. - layer slider plugin actualized. - Incident with WooCommerce Add Multipul planes. - New option to turn off states and cities. - Rate Schemes with Woo Commerce (New). - You can pay by mail with Woo Commerce (new).
  • Basic salary by mail with wage commerce (New). - Use color options for category symbols (New). - A new Advanced Search feature has been added. - Code number for all classified segments (new). - G mail MAP updater (update). - layer slider actualization (update). - Upgrading bootstrap to 3.3. Seven (update). - Fix a WordPress 4 interoperability problem.
  • layer slider update. - You have received authorized mail e-mail notifications. - The widget problem with the extended search. - Fix Google Latitide & Longitude problem. - Topic for children added. - Change Google MAP to add Mail Ads On/OFF option. - New Google Value Hide Show option. - The normal display check box that is not displayed has been corrected. - Added problem with mail date on your profiles page.
  • Strips the reducx skeleton from the topic. - Google Ads or HTML Ads options enhanced. - Improved all other language strings. - The User Defined Fields options have been enhanced. - redux. frameworks updated to v3.6.0.7. - Add Google API Key Options. - The LayerSlider plugin is updated. - Improved Fontawesome to 4.6.3. - Advanced Ads Widget number problem solved.
  • adding to favorites key now reacts correctly. - Solved contact page reaction problem. - The subcategory widget problem was solved. - Alignment of key of authors profile corrected. - Reconstructed all categories other buttons translation corrected. Solved 5 jQuery problem. - Weblog Permalinks enhanced. - Language files enhanced. - Added Blog Recent Post Widget. - Blog Categories Widget added.
  • added blog template with custom blog post. - Store categorical order on post-NEW template (fixed). - The menu and header area are hidden when the color changes (fixed). - There are 36 categories on the home page - Advanced search widget enhanced. - Quick-editing problem with custom fields (fixed). - Ribbon search tip enhanced.

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