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WordPress classifier theme will help you develop a classified ads site where you can add your ads, renew your ads, delete your ads, or add or change multimedia files to your ads. The plugin is intended for theme developers. A new admin page Classifiers will be added where you can define your classifiers and categories.

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WordPress classifier theme will help you create a classifieds site where you can insert your advertisements, refresh your advertisements, remove your advertisements, or insert or change your advertisements with multi-media content. The Classifier theme can be customized to fit social networking sites, corporate directory, private advertisements, property listing, car listing, various articles for sell and much more. Classifier comes with all the necessary functions to start a successfull payed or free, affiliation related company.

Offers are in detail with photographs, description, price label, contacts and enquiry forms. WordPress Classfier theme will help you generate revenue from your website without ifs and buts, and Classifier has a easy layoutsign. It' all there so a web site visitor knows what it's about, what it's for and why it's unique, what it's great for.

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Check out the best classifieds today. This is the ideal listing tool for any kind of website, from a searchable list of businesses to a list of event locations. Let members pay to publish your company's entries, news, events, product and more. More than 10,000 site owner directories, groups and organisations around the globe rely on our classifieds theme to run their own on-line community and directories.

At first I tried to use WordPress topics, but the plug-ins I needed to run my web site were always broken. This free demonstration was a great way to test my ideas before I spent a buck. I' m so glad I found this classified topic. That classifieds theme is rockin'!

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WordPress classifier theme comes with all the necessary functions to start a successfully purchased or free, membership-based ad site. Specify your own settings for the Member Pack in the topic area. Offer details: Detail is displayed in the side bar and shows many detail of the display. There are three types of layouts:

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