Classipress 3.3

3.3 Classification

Set Up Payments in ClassiPress 3.3 As with most of our applications ClassiPress ( our WordPress classified advertising theme) allows you to bill advertisements placed on your website. Featuring ad and subscription packs and many other price choices, ClassiPress gives you the ability to build the price plan that works best for you and your clients.

As soon as your website is up and running, it is willing to accept payment from clients who want to appear on your classifieds website. You need ClassiPress - v3 first. and WordPress is hosted on a serverserver. They will also want to see the document "Getting used to ClassiPress" to prepare themselves.

You must register with a PayPal Services to be able to accept funds on your website. They also need to have a secure online transaction processing system. The ClassiPress is delivered with PayPal and bank transfer as standard paying gate. Registering with PayPal is free and widely used in many parts of the globe.

Where possible, we suggest you start with PayPal. Log in to an online PayPal site for an affiliate license. As soon as you have added ClassiPress to WordPress and an affiliate bank using a pay portal, you can continue. You must activate this in ClassiPress if you want to levy fees for quotations.

You should go to the Price Setup section to activate this option. Go to ClassiPress > Price in your WordPress administrator. Ensure that "Charge for Listings" is enabled, you have chosen "Pricing Model" that is appropriate for your website and clients, and click the "Save Changes" icon.

Models: Flat rate per ad - One rate for each ad, regardless of categorization. In order to use this rate plan, you must at least generate one ad package. Per catagory rate - Allows you to specify different rates for advertisements that appear in each catagory. Select this item, click on the "Save Changes" icon and the "Price per Category" page will appear.

Sales prices in % - The displayed prices are expressed as a percent of the promoted article prices. When you select this box, you are entering a value for "% of the seller's ad price". In addition, you can change any of the subscription plans with the " Member package ".

ClassiPress is now configured to calculate the fees for quotations. But ClassiPress needs to know a few things about how you will be charging for quotes on your website. In order to configure these settings, go to the Payment page > Settings > General. Use ClassiPress to select the payment mode for your website.

Currently you can only have one single foreign exchange at a given moment in ClassiPress. Because PayPal is packaged with ClassiPress, the standard exchange rates in ClassiPress are the exchange rates backed by this payments portal. When you have added additional billing payaways, you should see the monetary option for the different currencies backed by each billing gateway.

Beneath the menu item Select currencies you will find further menu options: Here your install of ClassiPress may differ from the above screenshots. In this section, ClassiPress lists all existing billing gateway installations. When you have added more gateway, they will be displayed with "PayPal" and "Bank Transfer".

In order to activate a payments Gateway, just select the "Activate" checkbox to the right of this gateway. When you select more than one PayPal Gateway, ClassiPress gives your clients a unique selection of the ones you activate. More than one activated gate gives your clients the opportunity to select the gate that best suits them.

In the WordPress Administrator's Settlement Preferences section, you will see that there is a tabs for each gateways you install. Click each tabs to view the preferences for that particular Gateway. Every billing Gateway has its own preferences and choices.

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