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It is a powerful WordPress application, but requires correct configuration before you can use it. First Steps with ClassiPress It is a high-performance WordPress program that needs correct settings before you can use it. The following are some instructions on how to set up and set up your ClassiPress topic. When you are completely new to WordPress, we suggest that you read the "Install WordPress" instructions before starting ClassiPress.

Installation of WordPress - Best declared on the site The Legendro is a neat, easy and quick reacting ClassiPress children's game.

Configuring ClassiPress

In order to proceed from the original ClassiPress installation instructions, some extra changes to the configurations are necessary for the design to work properly. In particular, please pay attention to the permalink setting as described below. You should modify your WordPress permission links away from the defaults (e.g. http://localhost/blog/?p=123). Choose the User Defined Structure check box, then type one of the User Defined Structures suggested below.

Be cautious about customizing your website and learn more about permission links before continuing. At any time you can come back and modify this later, but after you have started your website, it is not advisable to modify it again. First of all, we set up your ad categorisation. You want all your catagories to be set up first when you plan to create price plans that vary according to the catagory the buyer selects.

You can use this monitor to set up your top-level catagories first. You might want to set up a top-level class named Cars. Subcategories can also be created. As an example, you could add a new Autos theme and associate it with the top Autos theme. It' now up to you to configurate the remainder of ClassiPress. First of all you have to set up a free Google reCaptcha emailccount.

Check out your website and you should now see ClassiPress underway. In the case of a new installation, you will only see the standard "Hello World" mail under your blogs, but no advertising on your homepage.

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